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Marketplaces are becoming increasingly important in today's e-commerce market. 15 years ago, many started on Marktplaats.nl and later the starting point was often their own webshop. Often this web shop also expanded to multiple web shops. We are now starting more often with marketplaces such as bol.com and Blokker. Logical too: you can sell online via well-known platforms with a mega reach. Every starting point requires a different way of automation. Did you start on marketplaces or do you mainly sell on marketplaces and less on your webshop (s)?

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Are you an online retailer without a webshop and do you recognize yourself in this situation?

You sell online through one marketplace and want to scale up to multiple marketplaces. Or you are already active in several marketplaces, but you manage each marketplace manually. Stocks are maintained manually, content is re-delivered to each marketplace, orders are not received centrally, delivery times and sales prices are also managed in the marketplaces themselves. All in all, not a solid basis for further scaling up.

You started looking for automation and you kept bumping into the same wall. You often get the question "what is your source"? Well, that's bol.com. “Then start a webshop first so that you have a source”. This still means today that these integrators cannot help you any further. Possibly even with the result that you have started a webshop, purely to be able to scale up in sales channels.

We turn this around! Manage the marketplaces in ProductFlow. You can also create and manage a webshop later from ProductFlow (if you want). Our thinking and working method suits your situation!

What are the consequences?

  • You cannot scale up and managing everything manually is not future-proof
  • You are even considering a webshop, purely to be able to scale up
  • You have no insight when to buy new stock
  • You are being overtaken by competition

Do you want one platform where you can setup multiple marketplaces very quick and easily, without the need for technical knowledge?

What advantages does ProductFlow offer

We know your needs! Why? Because our founder Frank Putman comes from the same starting point. Frank also sells mainly on marketplaces with his other company and he had exactly the same needs in automation.

Manage stock in ProductFlow

Every stock change is immediately adjusted for all sales channels. New stock in? Adjust it directly in our platform!

Process your orders in ProductFlow

We centralize all orders in one place. Process your orders from ProductFlow or we synchronize the orders with an external system.

Beheer content in ProductFlow

Enter your product 1 time and determine where you want to sell this product. ProductFlow automatically reuses content. No mapping and rules (if this then that)! You don't work with your own EAN codes? Then use our content suggestions.

Create overview

All relevant information in one place and see when you need to buy again.

Do you have a webshop?

We see your webshop as a private marketplace. Manage the content, sales prices, delivery times from ProductFlow and also handle your webshop orders from ProductFlow. We also adjust the stock changes.

ProductFlow - Ecommerce - Sell with a webshop - Sell on marketplaces

Automate without a webshop

We do not need a source (webshop). ProductFlow is the source!

Finally! Automate without necessarily needing a webshop. In ProductFlow we manage all content, stocks, sales prices, delivery times and orders are also handled from ProductFlow. Since we have been working with ProductFlow, we have saved 1 FTE.

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