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Are you an online retailer and do you recognize yourself in this situation?

You sell online through your webshop, via marketplaces. There is a good response to your products, logistics on the road, good reviews. But now you want to keep going! Through to multiple sales channels. Adding a new marketplace, that can't be that difficult, can it?

Soon you will find out that it is not as easy as previously thought. The marketplaces have different requirements with regard to content. You lose the overview, the stock has to be managed across the various channels and you may also have products in fulfillment, which makes things even more complex.

Then you start looking for tooling, but that doesn't make it any clearer. Often you need a webshop or you will have to adapt it to be able to sell on (multiple) marketplaces.

What are the consequences?

Because of the situation that has arisen, you will not get any further. This has negative consequences for your business and for yourself.

  • It is too complex with the result that you drop out.
  • Expanding to multiple marketplaces takes a lot of time and headaches
  • You have to reinvent every marketplace
  • You are being overtaken by competition
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Do you want a solution that has been developed by experience experts who have come up against exactly these so that you can continue to win?

What advantages does ProductFlow offer

ProductFlow makes scaling up to multiple marketplaces a peace of cake. Inventing a new marketplace is superfluous, because we have already done that for you. All marketplaces data models are integrated in ProductFlow. When you create or change content in ProductFlow, this will correspond one to one with what you see on the marketplaces.

Super fast scaling up

Bring your full range to extra marketplaces with just a few clicks.

All processes in one platform

Manage offerings, orders and content in a central platform.

Creating an overview

Get an overview of all marketplaces by bringing all your sales channels together in our platform.

Data models marketplaces

All data models of the marketplaces are integrated in our platform.

Stock management across all channels

Manage stock across all channels in our platform (incl. fulfillment).

Automation without webshop

ProductFlow can be used without a webshop.

What exactly does ProductFlow do differently from other feed managers?

Our platform is just a little bit different than all the other integrators, mainly in terms of content management for marketplaces and webshops.

The basis

We do not work from a source (often webshop) to send the content to marketplaces with Rules (if this then that). We are not only a marketplace integrator, but also a complete PIM system for marketplaces and/or webshops. Read the advantages below!

Also automate without webshop

We do not need a source (webshop). ProductFlow is the source!

No technical knowledge required

Our platform requires no technical knowledge! Anyone can work in ProductFlow.


Manage content in ProductFlow and keep an overview. You no longer need to log in to the marketplace to check how the products are offered. 


No limitation in branding

Content can be managed in ProductFlow up to detail level, without limitations.

No more double work

Starting with a webshop or a new marketplace? Work with ProductFlow! Then you don't have to reinvent the product every time, because our platform reuses content automatically for the marketplaces and/or webshops. So you no longer have the work of sending the (often unchanged) content to a new sales channel.

Content management of all your channels is done in one place

Specific information from marketplaces is often missing in the source file, so you can't always send it to marketplaces with rules. Work with ProductFlow! All marketplace and webshop fields including dropdowns are visible and fillable in ProductFlow.


ProductFlow just makes your e-commerce activities a lot easier!

Before we started with ProductFlow we worked with a competitive platform, which we encountered problems with. As a result, before we started working together, we had doubts whether ProductFlow could deliver on their promises.

Now that we are using it, we are very satisfied with the cooperation. By using ProductFlow we have grown with 200% on a marketplace where we first did not go through. Besides that, the service of ProductFlow is super! I recommend ProductFlow to many webshops.

When we came into contact with ProductFlow we had doubts: "is it going to work", "ProductFlow is a small and new company" and "can they offer a good service".

After a visit to ProductFlow, we gained confidence in the platform and the people behind the platform. ProductFlow was willing to think along with us. Now that we use it, we experience that the platform works well and is the perfect solution for us. ProductFlow provides us with a very easy way to manage content from a central point and send it to all connected marketplaces.

The platform of ProductFlow is for us the perfect PIM system when you are active on marketplaces. We would therefore recommend ProductFlow to anyone who sells on marketplaces.

I doubted whether all processes within marketplaces could be incorporated into one platform. Especially the complexity of inventory and managing content made me doubt if ProductFlow could live up to what they said.

Now that I am using the platform, stock management is going super! Thanks to ProductFlow, my stock is centralised for all marketplaces. This means no more double depreciations and no more no sales. With ProductFlow I can easily scale up. I have brought my assortment quickly and easily from bol.com to Blokker and other marketplaces!

I am very happy with the service of ProductFlow. They move with my wishes. I advise ProductFlow to companies that have ambitions to sell internationally.

I believe that good content is the basis of online success. Product supports us this basis for online success. ProductFlow's platform makes it easy to manage and create content across different marketplaces.

We as MaxiMondo are very pleased with the cooperation with ProductFlow.

Onno Laarman-1 Harry Slendebroek RM
Jeroen Faassen, Marketing manager @ Balnea trading
Onno Laarman, owner @ 4Goodz
Harry Slendebroek, Owner @ Haes Deco
Rik Murray, e-commerce director @ Maximondo
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