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Are you a batch trader (without a webshop) and do you recognize yourself in this situation?

You buy batches from bankruptcies or merchants and sell them directly on Marketplaces such as bol.com and Kaufland. A webshop is less or irrelevant. The products are often already known on for example bol.com, so you only provide your stock, delivery time and sales price.

You are now ready to scale up to multiple marketplaces; possibly also marketplaces where your products are currently not offered yet. However, this will take a lot of time and energy. Do you recognize yourself in this situation? Did you start on marketplaces or do you mainly sell on marketplaces and less on your webshop (s)?

What are the consequences?

  • You cannot scale up and managing everything manually is not future-proof
  • You are even considering a webshop, purely to be able to scale up
  • It takes too much time to get your assortment online
  • You are being overtaken by competition

Do you want one platform where you can setup multiple marketplaces very quick and easily, without the need for technical knowledge?

What advantages does ProductFlow offer

In addition to the benefits for the target group "online retailer without webshop", we offer a number of functionalities, especially for companies like yours.

Manage your products efficiently

We understand that you want to spend as little time as possible putting your range online and adjusting stocks as soon as new products arrive.

Be the first to create products on a marketplace

We understand that you want to scale up, but that this should not be accompanied by an enormous investment of time. Not even if you are the first to offer your products on a marketplace.

Create overview

Manage everything (orders, stocks, sales prices, delivery times, content, etc.) from one place.

Save time

With functionalities such as the Real Time Product Scanner, Base Products, Repricer and Content Suggestions.

We as an online seller who use multiple platforms benefit a lot from ProductFlow. This is because the system makes our work easier and clearer.

What we also find important is, if something is not clear to us, the guys from ProductFlow are very easy to approach and helpful to help us on our way. Our customers also expect this from us.

Since we do not sit still and have ideas about how the ProductFlow system can be of even more added value for us, ProductFlow is open to our ideas.

We think it is a pleasant cooperation!

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