How do I win the Buybox on

ProductFlow Repricer

Averages: with the ProductFlow Repricer you have the buybox within 10 minutes and a maximum of 30 minutes. Within 1 hour your sales price is 99% of the optimal and within 2 hours this is optimized to 99.8% of the optimal sales price!

Too good to be true? Read on..

  • You only need to provide the sales price, minimum and maximum price. You can also have these prices calculated by the ProductFlow software.
  • Let the ProductFlow Repricer do the work.
  • Everything revolves around realizing the optimal selling price as quickly as possible.
I want to win the buybox!
Want to try the ProductFlow Repricer for free for two weeks?

How does the ProductFlow Repricer win the Buybox?

The ProductFlow Repricer is based on a proprietary algorithm that allows us to reach the buybox as quickly as possible. We also move as quickly as possible to the optimal selling price. All this does not work on the basis of Trial and Error but on the basis of as quickly as possible (!) to the optimum.

How often are the products checked and repriced?

We automatically determine the interval of the ProductFlow Repricer. So you don't have to set anything for this. 

At all times, as soon as something changes (for example because a competitor goes below the price, a competitor disappears or a competitor is added), we intervene immediately with the aim of our averages.

We check, even if we have achieved the optimal price, whether we can still go up.

If we still have not had to intervene after 2 weeks, we will still check this product once every 24 hours. But as promised; as soon as we can intervene, the ProductFlow Repricer automatically switches to short intervals with again our averages as the goal. In short, you can sit back and let the ProductFlow Repricer do the work.

What do I pay for the ProductFlow Repricer?

We have different subscriptions and the graduated scales go up to 100, 1,000, 5,000, 10,000 and 20,000 products. Do you have more products? Then we would be happy to share a tailor-made offer.

We work with fixed monthly amounts so that you know in advance where you stand and you can divide the products between the different Marketplaces yourself. For example, if you want to have 40 products on 2 different Marketplaces Repriced, we count this as 80 products. The ProductFlow Repricer now only works for bol NL and bol BE. Other Marketplaces will follow soon!

Engelse Repricer Tabel

IMPORTANT: It does not matter whether you activate 100 products or, for example, 200,000 products. All products receive the same treatment from the ProductFlow Repricer for the purpose of our averages. Whether you have 100 products, or 20,000. Due to our smart way of working, we are not limited by a maximum number of checks per hour. So you don't have to divide checks between the products, this with the aim of our averages.

Let ProductFlow calculate your minimum, maximum and sales price to win the Buybox on

In ProductFlow we calculate the Return On Investment (ROI). You then set your selling price and margin and the ProductFlow Repricer can do its job. We also calculate your minimum and maximum selling price and we also take into account any changes such as to the fee.

And also..

Of course with the above functionalities we take into account 

The minimum price

Do you want to use a minimum price for your product in connection with purchasing, shipping and/or other costs? No problem. You determine the limit with the minimum price.

The maximum price

A maximum price is also easily configured in the ProductFlow Repricer. This way you ensure that your customers never pay too much.

The relevant market price (RMP at

The ProductFlow Repricer takes into account the requirements from marketplaces. This way we avoid price outliers and the price is determined by market forces.

Multiple EAN codes

When an article has multiple EAN codes and is linked to one EAN code on, the ProductFlow Repricer recognizes this. So even when you use a different EAN code than the EAN code that is visible on the site, the ProductFlow Repricer does its job!

Winning the Buybox is 2 weeks free of charge!

After these 2 weeks you will receive an analysis report in which the added value of the ProductFlow Repricer on your range is made clear.

You will receive an invitation email for your ProductFlow environment within 1 working day. You can then quickly activate the ProductFlow Repricer on all desired products.