On this page you will find functionalities of the ProductFlow platform. Of course you can also experience these functionalities yourself in a demo. Click on the button below to schedule a demo.


With ProductFlow you get an overview of your performance at a glance. The dashboard provides you with information about the achieved turnover, average order amount, incoming orders, content suggestions, number of products and latest content changes. Via the clickable overview below you can quickly go to all functionalities for more information.

Bulk Actions &
Adjust manually

Import files &
Content suggestions

Base product &
Insight into adjustments

Add translations

Product families &

Scaling up marketplaces &
Different prices

Stock management &
Fulfillment Manager

Processing orders &
VAT management

Second-hand products &
Roll structure

Realtime Product Scanner &

Manage warehouse locations

Bulk discount


Save time with bulk promotions

In ProductFlow it is possible to implement large quantities of changes at once or to send them to the marketplaces with bulk promotions.



Adjust manually

Of course it is also possible to manage content manually, with standard settings and per product.


Import files

We work with a generic Import function with which all common files (CVS, EXCEL, JSON, XML, etc.) can be imported down to a detailed level (marketplace specific fields).

Content suggestions

ProductFlow uses the built-in Artificial Intelligence to search for available content of the imported product on the marketplaces. By means of the given suggestions, content is quickly and easily added to your content and reused for the other desired marketplaces.




Base Products

In addition to being able to duplicate products, you can also use so-called "Base products" in our platform. In this you create a template of a product type. All variables of the base product (such as material, color, stock and marketplaces) are then already entered when adding new products. This saves an enormous amount of time!

Get insight into what is happening in ProductFlow

In the platform it is always clear which of the users is implementing content changes. When mistakes are made, history makes it possible to immediately reverse this.




Translate content super fast through translations

Born from practice: Frank Putman wanted to scale up his business to new countries, specifically from bol NL to Kaufland DE. He noticed that his content had to be translated via Excel files and that he subsequently spent a lot of time mapping this translated content to how, for example, the German marketplaces want to receive this content.

This can be done more efficiently: the platform is linked to various translation agencies. Simply send the content to an affiliated translation agency for translations. You will receive this translated content into the platform and ProductFlow has already arranged the mapping to the marketplaces. You can therefore offer the translated content directly on the marketplaces.




Try it yourself!

Get a demo from one of our ProductFlow specialists. In this demo you get a tour through the platform and together with our specialist you can see how ProductFlow can offer the most for your organization.

Easily create families

Link different products together as a Family, without endangering your stock, and save a lot of time.



PIM system for web shops / websites

We not only act as a PIM system for the marketplaces, but also for websites / webshops. ProductFlow brings in the structure of your own website / webshop so that all content management takes place in ProductFlow.


Scaling up marketplaces

Sell on a new marketplace within a few clicks. When a new marketplace is added, a lot of actions usually have to be performed. For example discovering the marketplace, figuring out how to add content, writing content, putting it in the right format and then uploading it. With ProductFlow these actions are no longer necessary. Content in ProductFlow is automatically reused for all connected marketplaces.

Use different prices per marketplace

ProductFlow makes it possible to manage and adjust the price per product and per marketplace. In addition, you have an overview of the margin and ROI (Return On Investment) per product. You also manage your delivery promise (s) per marketplace in ProductFlow.




Manage stock across the entire chain

Manage stock in the platform. The platform connects all channels and ensures that your stock is always up to date. ProductFlow synchronizes stocks in real-time with the marketplaces.

Fulfillment Manager

Never miss out on unnecessary turnover again and stay informed of the current stock level in the Fulfillment Centers by using the Fulfillment Manager in ProductFlow. The automated switch function ensures that when the stock at the Fulfillment Centers is exhausted, it automatically switches to its own stock and vice versa.




Process orders

ProductFlow receives all orders. Then manage these orders from ProductFlow or we forward the orders to your webshop software or ERP system. In this way, your current order processing method remains the same, but is much more scalable. With ''Pick, Print & Pack'' you can print multiple packing slips and labels at once. This way your packages are ready for dispatch even faster. Of course you can also print the packing slips and labels separately. As soon as the order has been processed, the track & trace information is automatically communicated to the marketplaces.

Pick Print Pack - English ProductFlow

VAT Management

ProductFlow supports VAT percentages and automatic calculations.




Second-hand items

ProductFlow supports the selling of second hand products on the marketplaces. With the help of this functionality, the returns can also be offered again, for example.

Roll structure

Invite colleagues and external parties to your ProductFlow environment and link them to a specific role. As a result, everyone only sees what he / she should see and, moreover, everyone works from their own name in ProductFlow. This allows you to maintain an overview even if several colleagues work in ProductFlow.




Real Time Product Scanner

With this function we make it possible to directly adjust the sales information of products. Scan the barcode, or enter the EAN code manually, and you can immediately adjust the stock, delivery time or / and prices. Also very useful when you want to immediately see all other providers of the same product with the corresponding Rating, Sales price, Buybox price, Delivery proposition and Condition of the product. Adding new products and a competitive analysis of your existing products can be realized immediately!


ProductFlow has developed its own algorithm with the aim of achieving the buybox as quickly as possible. Set your minimum and maximum selling price and we automatically win the buy block! Click here to read more about the ProductFlow Repricer.


In the ProductFlow Repricer it is also possible to set a margin (€ or / and %) to determine the selling price, minimum and maximum price of your products. In case of a change in costs, the prices are automatically adjusted to meet the desired margin.

repricer marge




Manage warehouse locations

ProductFlow makes it possible to manage your warehouse locations. We also make it possible to connect multiple dropshippers and order the orders directly from the right dropshipper.



Bulk discount

In many cases, a bulk discount not only results in extra sales, the average shipping costs per order are also lower. In ProductFlow you can easily manage the bulk discount per marketplace.


Stay informed on all the updates!