About us

The story of ProductFlow

Our platform is slightly different from the PIM systems and the Marketplace integrators and we do that consciously! In the first place because our Founder Frank Putman needed this himself. To take you along in this, we start at the beginning and that is 2012. Our Founder Frank Putman also sells products on web shops and marketplaces with his other company. ProductFlow arose directly from these practical experiences.

He started on Bol.com, without a webshop and with competing products. Over the years, his own brand products have also been added, making him increasingly successful on Bol.com. The more the focus was on his sales via Bol.com, the further the turnover increased. Time to scale up to even more marketplaces and web shops, he thought. That is where his search for automation began to realize this wish.

His quest for automation

Frank immediately ran into a huge wall. Every integrator asked 'what is your source'? Well, that's Bol.com said Frank. This means that the integrators were unable to help him further. This even meant that Frank started using a webshop at the time, purely to be able to scale up in sales channels.

Whatever Marketplace Integrator and PIM systems Frank subsequently used, he continued to run into the same pain points. So much so that he eventually decided to develop a system himself: ProductFlow.





From ideas to practice

After many brainstorms with his partner Jeroen Visser (developer), the establishment of ProductFlow is a fact; a complete PIM system and Marketplace Integrator in one clear platform. With ProductFlow you manage all your content in 1 place and you no longer have to log in to the various marketplaces and webhops for content management. No more duplication of work and the platform does not require any technical knowledge. We also centralize the Marketplace and Webshop orders in ProductFlow and you create one place for managing stocks, sales prices and delivery times. ProductFlow simply makes your e-commerce activities a lot easier!

Continuing to develop for three years, without approaching customers

For three years we built our own platform, without approaching customers. We tested our platform with millions of products, thought everything through and made it fully scalable. Only then we started connecting the first customers!





Enhanced by talents

The full time team has since grown considerably, each employee with unique skills. The combination of expertise in sales, marketing, e-commerce and development provides a platform that is both innovative and practical from different angles. We also work with many other e-commerce parties (partners). They work in the ProductFlow platform so that they can serve their customers as optimally as possible.

The ProductFlow team

Nieuwe fotos - ProductFlow
Maikel Peters (Sales)
Nieuwe fotos - ProductFlow Pascal-1
Pascal Langen (Sales)
Nieuwe fotos - ProductFlow Rob
Rob van Embden (Developer)
Nieuwe fotos - ProductFlow Remco
Remco van Essen (Developer)
Nieuwe fotos - ProductFlow Jeroen
Jeroen Visser (Co-founder)
Nieuwe fotos - ProductFlow Jordy
Jordy Elfferich (Developer)
Nieuwe fotos - ProductFlow Sjors
Sjors Verpalen (Marketing)
Nieuwe fotos - ProductFlow Frank
Frank Putman (Co-founder)
Nieuwe fotos - ProductFlow Tom
Tom Neeteson (Operations)
Fabiënne van den Hurk (UX & UI)
Michel Zantvoort (Customer success)
Morris Boers - Team ProductFlow
Morris Boers (Data Analyst)
Lisa - Team ProductFlow
Lisa van Leeuwen (Data Analyst)

Some pain points we solve

We think from the product's point of view! Describe the product once and the content can be reused immediately (no more mapping and rules). Upscaling therefore takes much less time.

We do not approach a webshop as a source for a marketplace. We see a webshop as a Private Marketplace; after all, in the management of the products, it should not matter where you sell this product!

ProductFlow has completely brought the outside worlds inside (categories, fields, attributes, dropdowns). Do not copy the outside world in the PIM system anymore.
Experience the convenience of ProductFlow

Get a demo from one of our ProductFlow specialists. In this demo you get a tour through the platform and together with our specialist you look at how ProductFlow can offer the most for your organization.

I want to scale up with ease and overview

Curious about the platform or team? We would like to let you experience the platform in a free demo and/or meet with a nice cup of coffee!