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A PIM system and marketplace integrator
in a single platform.

The first platform that combines these essentials for E-commerce sellers!

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PIM system

Get an overview through one central platform for all your product information and content.

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Marketplace integrator

Link all marketplaces and manage your orders, offers and content for all marketplaces and webshops in one place.

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ProductFlow Standalone

Sell on marketplaces without a webshop! Manage your orders, offers and content from a single platform.



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Discover what we can do for you!

Online retailer

The all-in-one solution designed and developed by experience experts, who faced exactly the same problems as you.


Marketplaces and/or your own webshop? Manage it all from one place. Make B2C part of your new strategy.
And win!

Brand owner

Do you want to optimally communicate your brand story to your customers? Manage all your products on all channels with your real story in one platform!


Make use of one central platform with which you can quickly sell on marketplaces. Without any form of technical knowledge.
Start today!

Retailer without a webshop

You don't have a webshop, but you want to scale up to one or more online marketplaces? Manage everything easily and efficiently with ProductFlow.

Batch trader

You buy batches from bankruptcies or merchants and sell them directly on Marketplaces such as and Amazon.
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Get a demo from one of our ProductFlow specialists. In this demo you will get a tour through the platform and look together with our specialist at how ProductFlow can offer the most for your organisation.

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Why choose ProductFlow?

By combining the most valuable functionalities from a PIM-system and marketplaces integrator, ProductFlow has introduced a new way of working and thinking. The simple user interface has made it accessible to everyone.

What exactly does ProductFlow do differently from other feed managers?
Click here to visit our Online Retailer page

What exactly does ProductFlow do differently from other PIM systems?
Click here to visit our Brand Owner page

Create overview
Selling on multiple channels results in a loss of overview and time. In ProductFlow, all channels come together. This enables you to manage your content, offers and orders from one central platform. This creates tranquillity, overview and time savings.
Born out of practice
ProductFlow was developed by online retailers who faced challenges in rapidly scaling up their online business on marketplaces. The right tooling was not available. The founders' credo: "Then we will have to develop it ourselves". And now we often hear that in conversations: "Finally a solution that comes from practice."💪.
Super fast scaling up
With a few clicks you are able to add multiple marketplaces to the platform. As a result, your entire range will be offered on multiple marketplaces in no time and your reach will increase exponentially.
No technical knowledge required
ProductFlow is designed in such a way that everyone can use the platform. With our plug & play integrations you don't need any technical knowledge to use the platform.

Experiences of ProductFlow users

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We had to wait and see whether ProductFlow could meet the expectations that had been created. Now that we are using the platform, we experience that the platform works well and is the perfect solution for us.

ProductFlow makes it very easy for us to manage and send content from one central point to all connected marketplaces. We would therefore recommend ProductFlow to anyone who sells on marketplaces.

Onno Laarman
Onno Laarman


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Before we started with ProductFlow we worked with a competitive platform, which we encountered problems with. As a result, before we started working together, we had doubts whether ProductFlow could deliver on their promises.

Now that we are using it, we are very satisfied with the cooperation. By using ProductFlow we have grown with 200% on a marketplace where we first did not go through. Besides that, the service of ProductFlow is super! I recommend ProductFlow to many webshops.

Jeroen Faessen

Marketing manager,

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The most important thing about online success is good content. ProductFlow's platform provides for the easy management of content across the various marketplaces.

ProductFlow's platform is a user-friendly and accessible PIM system to control all marketplaces. In addition, the organisation is prepared to think along with us and move with our wishes.

Rik Murray

Ecommerce director,

Request a free demo

Get a demo from one of our ProductFlow specialists. In this demo you will get a tour through the platform and look together with our specialist at how ProductFlow can offer the most for your organisation.

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