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With our 'content first' approach, we believe that content is one of the most important building blocks of online success.

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Do you have your own brand and do you recognise yourself in this situation?

You own a brand. Your brand has a unique story which you try to convey by storytelling.

But when you look at your products on different marketplaces, the desired storytelling is not conveyed properly and your product has the wrong look and feel. For example, you see poor quality texts full of spelling mistakes, wrong information and poor quality (in some cases) photos you have taken yourself.

This is not how you want to communicate your brand to your target group.

The consequences you experience

  • You lose the preferred position in the user's head
  • You are not in charge of how users experience your products
  • Users experience your product incorrectly
  • All your efforts to build your brandname are thrown away
  • Users get a bad image of your product

Do you want to regain control of your brand identity on marketplaces? Tell your story your way in all the places where your products can be seen? Take action!

The advantages of ProductFlow for brands

At ProductFlow, we understand better than anyone that it is extremely important to convey the story and feeling of your products to your target group in the right way. So that you can start building your brand identity and loyalty structurally again.

With these thoughts in mind, we set up our platform 'content first! Our platform makes it possible to manage and optimise your content. You can then send it to the marketplaces of your choice with one click.

If you are also considering selling through B2C, this is also possible in our platform. Processes such as orders, offerings, shipments and stock management are fully implemented. ProductFlow is the platform you need to regain control and consistently build your brand!

Manage and supplement content

Manage, edit and create your content in our platform and send it to the desired channels.

Optimize content

Because the data models of the marketplaces are integrated in our platform, you can easily fully optimize your content.

Take control of your content

With ProductFlow you are in control of the content on the marketplaces.

What exactly does ProductFlow do differently?

Our platform is just a little bit different than all the other integrators, mainly in terms of content management for marketplaces and webshops.

The basis

We do not work from a source (often webshop) to send the content to marketplaces with Rules (if this then that). We are not only a marketplace integrator, but also a complete PIM system for marketplaces and/or webshops. Read the advantages below!Also automate without webshop
We do not need a source (webshop). ProductFlow is the source!

No technical knowledge required

Our platform requires no technical knowledge! Anyone can work in ProductFlow.


Manage content in ProductFlow and keep an overview. You no longer need to log in to the marketplace to check how the products are offered. 

No limitation in branding

Content can be managed in ProductFlow up to detail level, without limitations.

No more double work

Starting with a webshop or a new marketplace? Work with ProductFlow! Then you don't have to reinvent the product every time, because our platform reuses content automatically for the marketplaces and/or webshops. So you no longer have the work of sending the (often unchanged) content to a new sales channel.

Content management of all your channels is done in one place

Specific information from marketplaces is often missing in the source file, so you can't always send it to marketplaces with rules. Work with ProductFlow! All marketplace and webshop fields including dropdowns are visible and fillable in ProductFlow.


ProductFlow just makes your e-commerce activities a lot easier!

The most important thing about online success is good content. ProductFlow's platform ensures the easy management of content across the various marketplaces. We are very satisfied with the cooperation!

Rik Murray
Rik Murray, e-commerce director @ MaxiMondo
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