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It's all in one platform that ensures that you can quickly get your product range on the desired online channels without the need for technical knowledge.

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The transition: retail to online. Is this a recognizable situation for you?

You have a physical shop and see your visitor numbers structurally decrease, resulting in a loss of turnover. The survival of the shop you have built up in recent years is uncertain. Your customers are buying more and more online. As a result, in order to survive, you also have to make the transition to online. But you have no idea where to start.
Maybe you already have a webshop, but is it difficult to increase your visitor numbers and increase your conversion rate? Larger parties, such as marketplaces, are occupying an increasingly prominent place in the online retail landscape.

What are the consequences?

  • You will be overtaken by the rapidly changing market
  • Losses of customers resulting in bankruptcy
  • The survival of your shop is uncertain
  • You lose turnover
Do you want a platform in which all processes take place and with which you can sell super fast on the marketplaces without the need for technical knowledge?

What advantages does ProductFlow offer you?

ProductFlow's platform is the only platform you need as a retailer. Inventing the marketplaces is not necessary because we have already done that for you. This means that you can start building the future super fast, without technical knowledge!

Easy to use

The platform has been set up in such a way that no technical knowledge is required.

All processes in one platform

Work in one platform for orders, offerings, stock and content.

Creating an overview

Manage all sales channels in a central platform.

Rapid transition to online

Together we ensure that your product range is on the desired marketplaces as quickly as possible.

Before we started with ProductFlow we had the following questions: does it deliver enough to cover the costs? And when processes are radically changed, is the new way of working more pleasant than the old way?

Now that we are using it, we are very satisfied! We have linked ProductFlow with Lightspeed, so that all online orders and stock come together in one central place. ProductFlow has resulted in a serious increase in efficiency. With just as many people we can now feed more products. In addition, stock errors have dropped drastically.

I would recommend ProductFlow to retailers who (want to) sell online in addition to the shop. What we really appreciate about the organisation are the short lines and personal, fast service!


De Tafelridder

Onno, manager @ De Tafelridder


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