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Are you a wholesaler and losing control of the rapidly changing market?

You have a wholesaler and have built up a large B2B customer base in recent years. However, you find yourself in an increasingly difficult position. You lose control of the market because they buy directly from the producer or disappear because of the changed market. As a result, you have to switch and change your earning model by selling directly to the consumer. 

The consequences of the situation that has arisen

  • You lose customers
  • You don't know how to get your range to the desired channels quickly
  • You lose turnover
  • You are being overtaken by competition
  • Your company is not set up to sell directly to consumers
  • You have no knowledge of marketplaces

Do you want to switch quickly with your company, start building the future again by moving your assortment super quickly and easily to the appropriate online channels?

What benefits will you experience by using ProductFlow?

ProductFlow's platform is the only platform you need. You are able to sell automatically on marketplaces without the need for a webshop. ProductFlow's platform provides overview, speed and scalability. By managing all processes in a clear platform, you can start building the future again!

Super fast online product range

In no time you can offer your assortment on the marketplaces.

Huge time savings

Don't waste time inventing a marketplace. We have already done that for you!

Creating an overview

All sales channels and processes become clear in one overview.

Stock management across all channels

Manage stock across all channels (incl. fulfillment) in the platform.

When I heard of ProductFlow's solution I literally thought: 'that's too good to be true'. I sell cowhides and these are unique items each. Introducing the products on marketplaces therefore took me an enormous amount of time.

By using ProductFlow I only have to enter a title, dimensions and colour and by using tokens the rest goes by itself. This gives me a time saving of no less than 80%! I will recommend ProductFlow to companies with unique items and a large assortment. I also appreciate the personal service of the ProductFlow team.

By using ProductFlow we spend a lot less time creating and managing content on the marketplaces. The platform ensures speed and functions without a website. The platform of ProductFlow is super easy to use.

Dani Eikelenboom Robbert-Jan
Dani Eikelenboom, Owner @ Euroskins
Robbert-Jan, Owner @ Alveru
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