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CE mark

May 04, 2022

Productflow - A PIM System and marketplace integrator in a single platform

It is increasingly required to have a CE mark. This quality mark means that a product meets European legal requirements. As of today, the CE mark is a new content field in ProductFlow. This way the marketplaces / web shops always have the right quality mark.

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Pick, Print & Pack

April 27, 2022

Productflow - A PIM System and marketplace integrator in a single platform

With the new Pick, Print & Pack functionality in the ProductFlow platform, your orders are ready for shipment even faster. This new functionality let's you print multiple packing slips and shipping labels at the same time.

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Bulk price suggestions

April 20, 2022

PF bol

The commissions have been automatically submitted as a suggestion per product in the ProductFlow platform for some time now. Click here for more information about this functionality. Our developers have now also created a dashboard to manage (and accept) this in bulk.

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Calculated pricing

April 13, 2022

Productflow - A PIM System and marketplace integrator in a single platform

The ''calculated pricing'' function has been further expanded! It is now also possible to indicate the source price. This way you calculate the minimum and maximum price as a percentage or amount on top of the sales price. Previously, this was only possible as a percentage or amount on top of the costs of your products.

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Lightspeed update

April 06, 2022


It has been possible for some time to link ProductFlow with Lightspeed. Since June 2021, it is also possible to apply this link the other way around. With this inverted Lightspeed link it is now also possible to send Delivery times to Lightspeed. This way you keep everything clear in ProductFlow!

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New marketplace: Back Market

March 30, 2022


Back Market is the first marketplace for refurbished equipment. You can buy appliances as good as new, at second-hand prices. With a value of 5.7 billion dollars, this marketplace has grown enormously. So it is certainly interesting to offer your products on it. From now on we also support the orders and offers from this marketplace via the ProductFlow platform!

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March 23, 2022


With DeliveryMatch's advanced logistics software, you can master logistics challenges. In addition to optimizing the entire logistics chain, this software also links you to many carriers and systems. DeliveryMatch is fully integrated into ProductFlow and therefore easy and quick to use to improve your e-commerce.

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MontaWMS and MontaConnect

March 16, 2022


The ProductFlow platform has been linked to the systems of Monta Fulfillment for some time now. In this link, the orders are forwarded to Monta and we collect data such as Track and Trace and stocks. This data is then processed by Monta. In addition to fulfillment, Monta has been offering the MontaWMS software since 2021, which they use in their own warehouses (for large web stores). For smaller webshops that send their packages themselves and have just outgrown their shed, they offer MontaConnect. These two platforms are now also integrated in ProductFlow.

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WooCommerce import

March 09, 2022

PF woocommerce

You can now import new products from WooCommerce into ProductFlow at the touch of a button.

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Import downloads

March 02, 2022

Productflow - A PIM System and marketplace integrator in a single platform

The function ''import'' has been renewed again! After the option to choose between updating everything at once or just updating the new information, it is now also possible to download imported files.

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