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Direct import Lightspeed

January 25, 2023


Retrieve all data specifications from your Lightspeed environment with one click? From now on it is possible with the Direct import function! The data is retrieved and prepared on the Import page in your ProductFlow environment.

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Kaufland Czech Republic and Slovakia

January 18, 2023

Kaufland - Marketplace for you - ProductFlow

Looking for a new marketplace to offer your products? Do you want to scale up even further in Europe? Then the new integrations with Kaufland Czech Republic and Kaufland Slovakia are for you! From now on they are easy to activate in your ProductFlow environment. We have also switched to the updated Kaufland API (v2).

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Orders & Offers Amazon Belgium

November 30, 2022

Amazon logo - ProductFlow

The Orders & Offers integration is now available for Amazon Belgium! This means that you can easily manage stocks, sales prices and delivery times of products you want to sell on Amazon Belgium from ProductFlow. The orders are also collected in the ProductFlow platform, so that you can process them as efficiently as possible (in bulk).

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Repricer Tours

November 23, 2022

Productflow logo

Would you like to try the ProductFlow Repricer for free for two weeks? It is now even easier to get started right away by registering via this link. You will receive an email with access to the ProductFlow platform and the ''Tours''. With these Tours you can easily and quickly set up your account. This way you will be ready as soon as possible to win the buying block!

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Price stars

November 10, 2022

PF bol

You may have already heard of the ''price stars'' on With this score you immediately know whether the sales price you use for your products is competitive compared to relevant competitors. A ''good price'' is rated with 4 price stars. With 5 stars, your price is the most competitive compared to the main competitors in the market. This feature is now available in BETA version for ProductFlow users. Send an email to if you want to make use of this.

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Lightspeed app

November 02, 2022


It has been possible for some time to link ProductFlow with Lightspeed. From the Lightspeed app, ProductFlow is now also easy to find under the category ''PIM system''. This way you can get started even faster!

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Shopify front office

October 26, 2022


It was previously possible to link your Shopify webshop with the ProductFlow platform. From now on it is also possible to use Shopify as a front office integration. This supports the following links: Orders, Offers, Content and Shipments.

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Help page and chat

October 19, 2022

Productflow - A PIM System and marketplace integrator in a single platform

In the ProductFlow environment it has recently become possible for users to make use of support. By pressing the button at the top right you will be given the option to view various Help and Explanation pages. If you can't find answers there, the ProductFlow employees are ready to help you via chat.

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Sort Wave Feature

October 12, 2022

Productflow - A PIM System and marketplace integrator in a single platform

The Wave feature has been updated. It is now also possible to sort by the amount of ordered products per SKU (Sum or skus). The products that need to be shipped the most are clearly visible and can be processed efficiently.

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Create locations

October 05, 2022

Productflow - A PIM System and marketplace integrator in a single platform

Do you have a number of products (temporarily) in another warehouse? Then this new functionality is for you. It is now possible to adjust the Locations of a product from within the product in ProductFlow. This way you have full control to make product-specific adjustments.

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