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Increase your turnover through direct access to millions of Dutch customers. Not only this range is interesting, but also the ease of achieving this by using the ProductFlow platform. On this page you can read everything you need to know.

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Blokker marketplace within the Dutch market: Blokker Connect

Blokker is an indispensable part of the Dutch street scene today. Looking for fun and handy products for in and around the house? Then of course you walk past the Blokker. We have been buying all kinds of good household appliances there at a competitive price since 1896. Nowadays you can also find Blokker online. The franchise organization even has a broad online platform: Blokker Connect. Through there, not only the store itself, but also you as a seller offers quality products. Ideal if you want to reach more customers on the Dutch market.

Do you also want to sell via Blokker? Which can; as an external sales partner of the Blokker marketplace. Then you benefit from Blokker's brand awareness and marketing, without doing anything extra. So a good online start.

Selling via Blokker: these are the benefits

You choose Blokker Connect for various reasons. A marketplace like Blokker gives your turnover a boost. You sell your offer via an extra platform. But what are the specific advantages of this platform over other well-known marketplaces? Why should you choose Blokker? Below we list a few reasons.

1. Blokker marketplace promotes trust

There are very few Dutch people who do not know the Blokker, if there are any. The high brand awareness generates consumer confidence. You can make good use of this with Blokker Connect. They only allow reliable, high quality products. Do you fall in there? Thanks to the Blokker platform, your customer now knows that too.

2. Millions of Dutch customers

Not only is the fame great, the reach is also huge. As a business partner of Blokker, you have access to millions of Dutch customers. This way you can not only sell via Blokker, but also further expand your brand.

3. Blokker keeps developing

The Blokker Connect platform is already doing very well. That will only get better. Continuous investments and developments in the Blokker e-commerce platform keep you modern. And even better: you don't pay anything extra for that yourself.


+ 1M

Dutch customers


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By selling on Blokker via ProductFlow you have even more benefits

You can easily scale up via ProductFlow. The platform was born from practice and makes it possible to offer your products on multiple (international) marketplaces in no time without any technical knowledge.

Uploading your products and offers is super easy and fast, whether you only do it for Blokker or for several marketplaces at the same time. Experience it yourself in a no-obligation demo.

Blokker Connect has different categories

If you don't sell food, clothing, cosmetics, erotic products or electronics, Blokker Connect is an option. This seems limited, but it certainly isn't! The range is large: from pet supplies to fitness products. Curious if your offer fits between the categories? Then check this in the list below. These are all product categories of Blokker Connect.


Always check whether your product fits within the categories. If this is not the case, your product is not allowed on the platform. So always check whether your product is placed in the right category. Only you have control over that!

  • Bathing & sleeping
  • Luggage, luggage & travel essentials
  • Barbecues & barbecue accessories
  • Image, sound & photo supplies
  • Pet supplies
  • Fitness products
  • Household & cleaning
  • Small & large household appliances
  • Coffee, tea & espresso
  • Cooking & Dining
  • Personal care
  • Toys
  • Living & leisure

Get started with
selling on Blokker

As a new seller at Blokker Connect, you would like to know how everything works. Selling via Blokker is very easy. They have a clear platform. Everything you can manage speaks for itself. How exactly does this work?

Yet this is just that little bit easier via ProductFlow. Especially if you offer your products on multiple marketplaces/webshops.

Uploading new products

As soon as you have an account, you can start selling on Blokker. As a Blokker Connect partner you can create your own products. By the way, there is no limit. You can sell all products that fit within the marketplace through there.

You can upload products manually and, for example, with an import. For example, you import a csv, xlsx, xml or txt file to the platform. Do you not have such a file or does it sound a bit complicated? No worries! Blokker Connect works with us.

Via the ProductFlow platform you can easily upload all your products on this and other marketplaces via one central point. If you want, you can also put your products directly on, for example,, Facebook Shopping or fonQ. This is a lot faster from ProductFlow and therefore cheaper.

Maintain product offering

You can add or adjust products on Blokker Connect every 24 hours. So be careful not to make mistakes. Although 24 hours may seem short, you can't correct a typo until the next day. By working with ProductFlow, for example, you can prevent these kinds of things. You only post your texts when they are really good, and they are used again and again. So no extra checks!

You can also easily manage your assortment, stock and sales prices online. In principle, you can offer all products for sale, provided they fall within one of the categories. Even if your product is already being sold by someone else, that's no problem. Blokker wants to offer the customer options.

Your product descriptions on the Blokker marketplace

Not every buyer uses the same selection criteria. So be sure to clarify your advantages compared to the competition. So offer your products with optimized and complete content on Blokker. But don't promise things you can't deliver.

Do you usually deliver products in 4 days, but does this sometimes extend to 5 or 6? Rather set your delivery time at 6 working days, instead of 4. Then it can only be better for the customer. Moreover, you remain so reliable. Blokker Connect also finds this very important. The customer comes first.

Shipping, costs and payout

Sold something through Blokker? Fortunately, you don't have to wait long for your money. The proceeds of your sold products are in your account twice a month. You also get a lot of freedom yourself. What is your feasible delivery time? And for what price, including shipping costs? Blokker Connect does have operational standards, but there is still plenty of freedom within that. You therefore determine the shipping conditions yourself. That's great, because then you don't have to comply with countless rules.

But, please note: with Blokker Connect you must meet a delivery reliability of 98%. If your product arrives too late, you will score 'minus points'. You also offer free returns to your customers as standard. In short: transparency and clarity are of paramount importance. Of course, you as a seller also want a good customer experience. 98% is an excellent guideline.

Provide overview and efficiency with ProductFlow

Are you excited to start selling on Blokker or do you want to optimize your current range on Blokker? Blokker's categories, fields, attributes and any dropdowns are integrated into the ProductFlow platform. Optimize, enrich and distribute all content in ProductFlow for all of Blokker! In addition to content, in ProductFlow you manage all stocks, sales prices, delivery times and all Blokker orders are collected. Shall we meet? Contact us!

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