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Before we started with ProductFlow we worked with a competitive platform, which we encountered problems with. As a result, before we started working together, we had doubts whether ProductFlow could deliver on their promises. Now that we are using it, we are very satisfied with the cooperation. The service of ProductFlow is super! I recommend ProductFlow to many webshops.

The most important thing about online success is good content. ProductFlow's platform ensures the easy management of content across the various marketplaces. We are very satisfied with the cooperation!

ProductFlow's platform is the perfect solution for us. ProductFlow ensures that we can manage and send content from a central point to all connected marketplaces in a very easy way. We would therefore recommend ProductFlow to anyone who sells on marketplaces!

Thanks to ProductFlow, I spend less time filling in content on the marketplaces. The platform ensures speed and functions without a website. ProductFlow's platform is easy to use and saves time.

RM Onno Laarman-1 Robbert-Jan
Jeroen Faassen, Marketing manager @ Balnea trading
Rik Murray, e-commerce director @ Maximondo
Onno Laarman, owner @ 4Goodz
Robbert-Jan, owner @ Alveru
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