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Webwinkelfacturen integration

Combining the convenience of Webwinkelfacturen with the benefits of ProductFlow

Do you ever find yourself clicking over orders in your accounting? Then be sure to check out the integration with Webwinkelfacturen in ProductFlow. The integration makes it possible to automatically create invoices for all your webshop / marketplace orders in your accounting. You have more time for the best things in business and process it. Discount, shipping costs and VAT are of course also included here. Webwinkelfacturen links with Exact's accounting software, e-boekhouden, FactuurSturen, snelstart, rompslomp and Asperion. With regard to the web store software, this includes links with, Kaufland, Shopify, Magento, Lightspeed and WooCommerce. Getting started with Webwinkelfacturen only takes 5 minutes. ProductFlow makes it even easier. Read more quickly on this page!

Webwinkelfacturen integration

No more ''retyping'' orders is of course a big advantage of the Webwinkelfacturen integration in ProductFlow. But what are other reasons to get started with this pairing?

Real-time insight
Because everything is taken over automatically, you have more insight into the (financial) status of your company. You immediately know which invoices are still open and which products are the most profitable.
International declarations
Not only the Dutch declaration is a lot of hassle. International declarations are in many cases much more complicated. Webwinkelfacturen makes this a lot easier. The foreign VAT numbers are always checked and linked to the correct ledger accounts.
You would hardly think of it, but automatically sending correct invoices ensures a professional experience for the customer. Whether it is B2B or B2C, the automatic and correct follow-up is absolutely included in the ''final judgment'' about your company.
Because of the total overview you are ''in control'' of your company. Even if your bookkeeper or accountant has access to the same information.

✔️ Automatic

All invoices are automatically processed in your accounting.

✔️ Less mistakes

Because everything is automated, you avoid unnecessary mistakes.

✔️ Get started quickly

Within 5 minutes you are completely ready to use Webshop invoices.

Do you want to integrate Webwinkelfacturen with ProductFlow?

Do you want to start with Webwinkelfacturen via the ProductFlow platform? Please contact us via this form and one of our experts will get in touch with you as soon as possible!