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TSN Groen integration

Top quality emission-free distribution with the TSN Groen integration

TSN Groen has been active in the transport and logistics sector for more than 20 years. The speed and reliability of deliveries is of course of great importance. Tests are carried out every day to guarantee the quality of the services to customers. Yet TSN Groen also does something extra. They are the most sustainable party you can choose. For example, they have a gas-free distribution center and all trucks run on electricity. There is also a TSN Bos and solar park. Everything is pulled out to work as responsibly as possible. This not only makes it more durable, but also a lot more fun! We have therefore fully integrated TSN Groen into the ProductFlow platform. Read more on this page.

TSN Groen integration

More and more companies are working on sustainability. But why would you do it? What are the advantages? In this overview you will find a number of benefits of sustainable / environmentally responsible business.

Stand out from the rest
Standing still is going backwards. Your competitive position can change significantly within a short period of time. With sustainable business you can distinguish yourself from other providers or service providers. When you go for sustainable business, this has a positive influence on your company image. With a better image you convince potential customers faster!
Prepared for the future

International regulations regarding the climate are becoming increasingly strict. Governments must comply with these rules and are therefore increasingly incorporating this into new laws. So prepare for this new legislation with your company, so that you do not fall behind the facts.

Save on costs
Of course you need money to make your company more sustainable. In many cases, however, you get this out over time. Consider, for example, the construction of a solar park. The costs are deducted from your taxable profit. So you pay less tax in the year of the investment. In the future you will save on electricity costs for your company. In addition to this advantage, there are several subsidies that can be applied for when you switch to sustainable business assets.
The best employees
Finding good staff is often very difficult. Let alone retaining this good staff. Switching employers has become easier, both legally and ethically. Sustainability can play a decisive role in the consideration of choosing an employer. Of course, if two companies are exactly the same, the applicant will go for the company that looks beyond profit.

✔️ Recycle returns

The (sustainable) processing of returns is also an advantage of TSN Groen. For example, it is possible to take white goods and furniture to the TSN recycling center.

✔️ Everything out of your hands

Full fulfillment is also possible at TSN Groen. Your products are then in stock in the TSN Groen warehouse. They completely unburden you about the delivery of the order.

✔️ Customization possible

Both ProductFlow and TSN Groen offer customization. Choose which services are most relevant to your company and go for a suitable solution. Also useful; you'll be ready to get started with this integration in no time.

Do you want to start with TSN Groen in ProductFlow?

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