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Shopware integration

Ultra-modern Shopware features integrated into ProductFlow

The German company Shopware has more than 20 years of experience in the e-commerce world. With this experience, they have come up with many solutions for both B2B and B2C e-commerce companies. All experience is combined in the latest Shopware 6 platform, an API first open source platform with which you can create a webshop. Shopware's API-first setup gives you complete flexibility over your webshop and allows you to choose which programs you integrate with. You can host your webshop yourself or have it done in the Shopware cloud. In short, with Shopware you go for ultra modern functionalities in a user-friendly environment. This naturally ties in well with ProductFlow and so we have fully integrated Shopware into the ProductFlow platform. Read more on this page.

Shopware integration

Because Shopware is open source, you can literally make it as crazy as you want. However, it is not always good to use everything. In this overview you will find a number of functionalities that we recommend.

Instagram connection
It is possible to link your Shopware webshop to your Instagram account. This way you sell your products where your customers are looking for inspiration and you convert faster.
Delivery time based on location
It is possible that one of your products can be delivered faster to customer x than to customer y. In Shopware it is possible to automatically process this in your webshop. A visitor enters his zip code and immediately sees how long it takes to deliver the product to him/her.
Subscriptions and Packages
Getting your current customers to spend more is of course always good. In Shopware's software you have options to offer products in subscription form or to bundle products in packages (with a discount).
Reviews for your products
Earn the trust of potential customers by adding reviews to your product pages. Because of these reviews, the customer knows what he/she is receiving and the product more often meets expectations.

Do you sell products through a Shopware webshop, but do you also have a physical store? Then visitors to your webshop can easily find it in the store locator. Of course, this also includes opening hours and a link to Google Maps for directions. In many cases, a physical store provides more confidence among webshop visitors.

✔️ No technical knowledge

With the Drag-and-Drop designs you can add elements to your Shopware webshop without having any technical knowledge. All complex codes are processed at the touch of a button!

✔️ Marketing features

Shopware websites generally rank well in search engines. You can also apply other ways of marketing in the platform; categorize customers based on shopping behavior, an online store savings system and more.

✔️ Get started quickly

The convenience of Shopware and ProductFlow means you can get started in no time. Practical functionalities in an overview platform make this possible. No fuss, just features useful to the ecommerce merchants.

Do you want to integrate Shopware into ProductFlow?

Do you want to start with Shopware via the ProductFlow platform? Please contact us via this form and one of our experts will get in touch with you as soon as possible!