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Shopify integration

Connect your Shopify webshop with the benefits of ProductFlow

With super nice themes, a responsive design and full customizability, Shopify is a household name in the e-commerce world. With Shopify you have everything you need to start selling online via a webshop or social media. There are now several million companies that use the software. In addition to the webshop functionalities, with Shopify you also use the marketing potential of your company. Marketing campaigns are easy to create and execute with various tools. Moreover, with all functionalities you can fall back on the support that is available 24/7 to help you further. Of course we have also integrated Shopify into the ProductFlow platform. Your Shopify webshop fits seamlessly with the advantages of ProductFlow. Read more information on this page.

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Shopify integration

With many functionalities you can make your Shopify webshop completely to your liking. The many options sometimes make it more difficult to choose what's right for you. Which functionalities will I use? What features do my customers need? In this overview you will find Shopify tools that we recommend using in combination with the ProductFlow platform.

Search Engine Optimization
Your webshop is designed and filled with beautiful products. And then? How do you ensure that people visit your webshop and make purchases? Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is one of the things you can use to draw attention to your webshop. As an experienced webshop party, Shopify knows all about this, of course. They therefore offer several SEO tools (for example Smart SEO, Booster Image and SEO optimizer).
Analytics and reporting
What are the results of your webshop? Which pages and products sell the best? The answers to these and more questions can be found in Shopify's analytics. With data divided into the categories marketing, sales and customer activities, you always know what to do to grow your e-business.
Abandoned shopping carts
You've probably experienced it; you are shopping online and have products in your shopping cart. Your phone rings and your partner asks if you can get over there soon. You close your browser, shut down your laptop and leave. Research has shown that 68% of customers first abandon a shopping cart before making a purchase. This can of course be responded to by means of ''Abandoned cart emails''. This feature is also supported in Shopify.
Customer retention
In Shopify you can easily keep track of what your customers buy. These customer profiles are also interesting when rewarding repeat customers. You simply pick out your best customers and then reward them with a bonus in their next order.
Link with Facebook
Do you have a lot of followers on Facebook and do you want to convert them? It is easy to integrate your Shopify webshop into the social media platform. This way, followers can make purchases directly from your Facebook profile.

✔️ No technical worries

All the difficult technology behind the webshop is already made for you. So you don't need any technical knowledge when setting up a Shopify webshop. Thanks to the expertise of the Shopify developers, the webshop will also be safer and faster than you could realize yourself.

✔️ For all devices

Online purchases are increasingly being made via a smartphone or tablet. A Shopify webshop automatically scales with the size of your screen. This way your webshop is always functional, regardless of which device your target group uses.

✔️ Professional design

Anyone can create a Shopify store. However, there are already a lot of beautiful designs ready to use. The designs are made by professionals and can be adapted to match the image of your company.

Want to integrate Shopify with ProductFlow?

Do you want to combine the benefits of Shopify with the benefits of ProductFlow? Please contact us via this form and one of our experts will get in touch with you as soon as possible!