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Sendcloud integration

Automate your shipping process with the Sendcloud integration

Do you have multiple webshops / marketplaces or do you send packages with multiple carriers? Or do you just want to make the shipments of your products scalable and more efficient? With over 23,000 customers, Sendcloud is Europe's largest shipping platform. That has it's reasons. You save time on manual work, can ship with multiple carriers and lower shipping costs without complicated tools. Naturally, this integration cannot be missed in the ProductFlow platform. Read more on this page!

Sendcloud integrations

To activate the Sendcloud integration, the following data must be shared with ProductFlow: API key and secret. Optionally it is possible to enter a partner ID.

When creating an order in Sendcloud, ProductFlow sends the following information: name, email, telephone, address, city, postal_code, country and order_number. We will send the following information per order line: description, quantity, value, weight (always on 1), SKU, EAN, property warehouse, property locations. Orders receive the status draft in Sendcloud.
All shipped shipments are automatically retrieved from Sendcloud by ProductFlow. The shipments are added in ProductFlow, it is important that the chosen "shipping method" must be available as a "carrier" in ProductFlow.
It is not possible to send offers to or from Sendcloud. It is not possible to send content from or to Sendcloud.
Depending on the subscription taken from Sendcloud, product information is available in the order.

✔️ 80+ carriers

With more than 80 shipping lots, you always have the right carrier for your orders.

✔️ Hassle-free returns

No hassle for customers and you with returns. Store credit also possible.

✔️ Lower shipping rate

With Sendcloud you get a discounted rate when printing shipping labels.

I want to use the Sendcloud integration

Do you want to start with Sendcloud via the ProductFlow platform? Please contact us via this form and one of our experts will get in touch with you as soon as possible!