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Picqer integration

Get a grip on your warehouse with the Picqer integration in ProductFlow

The bigger your business gets, the harder it can be to process orders quickly and accurately. This includes a larger product range, multiple carriers and a larger warehouse. With Picqer's online software, all orders from your webshop / marketplaces are synchronized and you are completely in control of these challenges. You can see at a glance how your warehouse is doing. This provides peace of mind and eliminates unnecessary work. The information in Picqer is real-time and can therefore always be adjusted live (wherever you are). This prevents unnecessary walking meters for the order pickers. Picqer's software is fully integrated in the ProductFlow platform. Read more on this page.

Picqer integration

Thanks to the integration in ProductFlow, you can use the advantages of Picqer on all webshops and marketplaces. This is all done without losing convenience and overview. What features make the Picqer integration so interesting? We have listed a few for you.

Insight into your warehouse
Thanks to the real-time overview of your stock and warehouse locations, you maintain a helicopter view. You will never have to search for products in your warehouse again. You immediately know how many pieces are in which location in your warehouse. New cargo coming in? You immediately see where you still have an empty space for this new stock.
Organize your warehouse
If popular products are closer in the warehouse, you can of course pick orders faster. Picqer's smart software helps you create the optimal structure in your warehouse. The products that sell the most are labeled A. Products that sell slightly less are labeled B and so on. It sounds very simple, but it is no less effective!
Because all information is available in one place for all employees, you can respond better to each other. Everyone sees in real-time what needs to be done, who is responsible for it and what the current situation is. It is also possible to process large amounts of incoming freight together, for example, with multiple ''devices''. This is not only faster, but also much more fun!
Process in bulk or per piece
In many cases it is possible for pickers to process multiple orders at once. For example, in Picqer the place where a product lies is also taken into account in the bulk processing. This way you can process everything with only one round in the warehouse! Another way to speed up picking is to process by quantity of order lines. In short, you choose how you will gain time.
If the package is larger than 70cm, it must be sent via PostNL. This is an example of an ''If this, then that'' rule that can be applied in your logistics process. With the automation through rules you ensure that your workflow becomes more efficient!

✔️ Optimize purchasing

Picqer's software gives advice when you should purchase products. This way you always have the right products available for fast delivery. The processing of incoming freight is also very fast and user-friendly.

✔️ Smart walking routes

It sounds simple, but it is very important when processing orders quickly; walking routes in your warehouse. With pick lists that are processed in batches, you can create smarter walking routes. This saves you a lot of time in order picking and an order is ready for shipment faster.

✔️ Teamwork

Because all employees have access to the same system, it becomes a team effort. Everyone has insight into what is happening and what still needs to be done. For example, with a note in the order you can ask a colleague to add a discount coupon to Mrs. Janssen's order.

Do you want to integrate Picqer with ProductFlow?

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