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Optiply integration

Automate your purchasing process with the Optiply integration in ProductFlow

Want to sell more while having fewer products in your warehouse? Optiply makes it possible. Purchasing is fully automated with this integration and creates an optimal stock. Because purchasing is done automatically, it is rare that a product is not in stock in your webshop or marketplace. This increases the availability of your products and increases orders. You also prevent an excess of stock. Buying in bulk sometimes has price advantages, but often comes at the expense of cash flow and space in your warehouse. In many cases it is also better to use these (large) investments for the growth of your company, instead of the growth of your stock. Optiply is fully integrated into the ProductFlow platform. Read more on this page.

Optiply integration

By integrating Optiply with ProductFlow, you combine the benefits. You can read exactly how it works in this overview.

Linking webshops or marketplaces
By linking Optiply to ProductFlow, you do not have to manually link all web shops and marketplaces. You integrate all web shops and marketplaces where you sell in one go.
Processing suppliers
Then enter the suppliers. You can also provide the suppliers with the relevant delivery time, minimum order values and shipping costs in Optiply.
Choose a strategy
In addition to the analyzes from Optiply, you can indicate which strategy you want to use when purchasing your products. This way you go for a strategy that suits your company and you optimize this method.
Artificial intelligence is used to provide appropriate advice for your purchasing based on dozens of analyses. This includes all orders, stocks and warehouse locations.
You can then check and approve the advice from Optiply. If everything is correct, press the button and your order is on its way!

✔️ Artificial intelligence

With Optiply you go for a real data-driven approach. The AI algorithm analyzes your data and arrives at the best purchasing advice.

✔️ Manage suppliers

Efficient purchasing naturally starts with the right suppliers. Optiply can also help you with this. By analyzing delivery times, costs and more, you always know which supplier is best for you to order.

✔️ Quick start

The advantages of Optiply are combined in this integration with the ease and speed of ProductFlow. This way you are ready to automate your purchases in no time, much faster than hiring the right purchase employee.

Do you want to integrate Optiply with ProductFlow?

Do you want to start with Optiply via the ProductFlow platform? Please contact us via this form and one of our experts will get in touch with you as soon as possible!