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Recently, we automatically collect the commissions from in the ProductFlow platform. These commissions are visible at the Fee on the Offer page of your products. In addition, regularly uses temporarily reduced commissions for various articles. From now on, we will also automatically collect these temporarily reduced commissions in the ProductFlow platform.

This reduced commission will be presented to you as a suggestion and when you accept this suggestion, you will see it reflected in the Fee on the Offer page. Would you like to use temporarily reduced commissions as a suggestion? Please send us a message! Of course, this can also be combined with the ProductFlow Repricer.

When you combine this with the Margin levels in ProductFlow, we automatically adjust the sales price, minimum price and / or maximum price for that period. This way the ProductFlow Repricer can also take this into account.

Want to know more about one of our integrations? Contact us by emailing or by calling +31 (0)85 3012 283.

Jeroen Visser
By Jeroen Visser on February 02, 2022