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MontaWMS and MontaConnect


The ProductFlow platform has been linked to the systems of Monta Fulfillment for some time now. In this link, the orders are forwarded to Monta and we collect data such as Track and Trace and stocks. This data is then processed by Monta. In addition to fulfillment, Monta has been offering the MontaWMS software since 2021, which they use in their own warehouses (for large web stores). For smaller webshops that send their packages themselves and have just outgrown their shed, they offer MontaConnect. These two platforms are now also integrated in ProductFlow.

This means that you can print Monta shipping labels from the ProductFlow platform. This way, you can process orders through ProductFlow and at the same time make use of Monta's advantageous rates.

Want to know more about one of our integrations? Contact us by emailing or by calling +31 (0)85 3012 283.

Jeroen Visser
By Jeroen Visser on March 16, 2022