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Fulfilment management


Today we added new fulfilment features to ProductFlow, this set of features will give the seller more control on managing their stock levels:

Automatically write off stock

When ProductFlow fetches a new order from a marketplace, the products from this order can be reserved in the system. This will trigger an immediate update of the stock for all enabled marketplaces. The sellable quantity will be the quantity on hand minus the quantity reserved. Once the order is marked as shipped, ProductFlow will update the quantity on hand. This functionality is especially useful for sellers who don’t have central stock management!

Stock adjustment per marketplace

With stock adjustment it is possible to increase or decrease the quantity sellable that we communicate to the marketplaces. With a negative adjustment, products will be communicated as out of stock to the marketplace sooner. This allows sellers to sell the last quantity via another channel.

Stock ‘ceiling’ per marketplace.

When dealing with high quantities of stock, it could be desirable to communicate a maximum quantity to the marketplaces. This is now possible with a ceiling value per marketplace. When setting a ceiling of 20, ProductFlow will only communicate a sellable quantity of maximum 20.

Fulfilment by BOL or Amazon.

Using the fulfilment centers of a marketplace has big advantages. Managing where your orders should be dispatched from, Fulfilment By Marketplace (FBM) or Fulfilment By Retailer (FBR) can be a challenge. With this new feature you are able to easily switch between FBR and FBM. It is also possible to automatically switch between FBR and FBM depending on the available stock in the fulfilment center of the marketplace. We will periodically check the stock and switch if needed.

Jeroen Visser
By Jeroen Visser on December 29, 2020