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Looking back and looking ahead 2021

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First of all, best wishes for 2022! How do you look back on 2021? In any case, we hope that despite all the corona vicissitudes you still had a great year and that you will surpass the past year again in 2022. We would like to reflect on the past year with you and look forward to 2022!

We have grown a lot
In 2021, ProductFlow has experienced enormous growth in many areas. The number of customers has tripled. The ProductFlow team has expanded from 2 to 8 people from mid-2020 until now and we have mainly grown in the number of Developers. In addition, we work with a number of external forces. The partner program is also starting to bear fruit. Gold Partner
The collaboration with has also entered a new phase. In 2021, ProductFlow received the Gold designation. And the cool thing is that of all automation partners, we went from Bronze to Silver to Gold the fastest. We are really proud of that.

Might be fun to listen to: After obtaining Gold status, Frank was invited by to record a podcast, together with Sophie Nijhout (Head of API Support & Partner Ecosystem Development – ​​ In the podcast they discuss what third parties can mean for's sales partners.
Click here to listen to the podcast.

Updates ProductFlow platform
We are continuously working on further improving and expanding the ProductFlow platform. In addition, we have also implemented the necessary solutions and improvements under the hood. But perhaps even more important; our unique way of thinking has been translated into functionalities in the ProductFlow platform. In the past year, we implemented the following points, among others:

● It has been possible for some time to link ProductFlow with web shops. But what makes us so different is that we also apply these links the other way around. So manage the Offers for your webshop from ProductFlow and let the webshop orders enter ProductFlow in addition to the orders from the marketplaces. We have already prepared the "turning around" of this for Lightspeed and Woocommerce and the other webshop software will follow. Your advantage? See the next point:

● ProductFlow is the place to be for creating, managing and distributing products to the various sales channels (web shops and marketplaces) and any linked systems that are used even more.

● The ProductFlow Repricer was added at the beginning of the year. We also work in a unique way in this and we hear that from our customers too! Read more and try free for 2 weeks (click here)

Tip: With the updates in the ProductFlow platform, we will keep you informed of these kinds of updates on a weekly basis.

Facts about 2021
How much has happened in one year! We would like to share some fun facts with you:
- The order with the highest value was in 2021: €6.360
- The order with the most products were corona related: 500 boxes with 12 mouth caps.
- The entire ProductFlow team now works with a MacBook, also the last one (me.. haha) is now 'over'
- We have had ProductFlow printed on sweaters and t-shirts
- We worked from different countries (Curacao, Belgium, France). You can perform our work from anywhere
- Every working day we have a Daily Standup of 15 minutes with our team. This way we keep each other informed and stay in close contact despite working from home a lot
- In addition to the podcast with, Frank has also been invited to a Podcast with Bas Urlings. Recorded in April 2021: Click here to watch.
- We attended a foreign trade fair for the first time, namely the White Label Expo in Frankfurt
- We successfully passed Amazon's security audit
- The ProductFlow platform has been made available in 5 different languages
- The number of links, integrations, functionalities and sales channels has increased tenfold! You can find all of these on the main page of our website
- We have added 9 partners who are actively using the ProductFlow platform to serve their customers
- The first PIM realization partner is live. This means that they ensure that the webshop is implemented in its entirety in ProductFlow so that all content for the webshop can be managed from ProductFlow
- We made a company movie. Click here to watch.

The plans for 2022
We also have many improvements and expansions planned for 2022. For example, we will give you more insights into the platform through Dashboarding and Notifications from the various sales channels. We will also make it possible for you to manage links in ProductFlow yourself. This is just a small selection of all the ideas we have for ProductFlow to support you as a customer to the next level. But we will mainly continue with what we are doing: Go with the ProductFlow!

Do you have a suggestion for us? Feel free to send an email to

We are currently looking for 5 reinforcements
We are currently looking for 1 Developer, 1 Marketing employee, 1 Customer Success employee and 2 Sales employees! We also made a video for our vacancies (Click here to watch the video).

Do you know someone? Please let us know.

Thanks for everything. On to a successful 2022.

Team ProductFlow

Jeroen Visser
By Jeroen Visser on January 12, 2022