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MyParcel integration

Make your shipping and returns process efficient with ProductFlow's MyParcel integration

With MyParcel, the services of major shipping companies are accessible to every online seller. Whether you have a webshop or sell on a marketplace, you can easily create a shipping label for every order in MyParcel. It does not matter whether it concerns letters, parcels or a whole pallet. In addition to ease of use, you can also design your own track-and-trace page and keep everything organized in a dashboard. Enough reasons to integrate MyParcel in ProductFlow. Read more on this page.

MyParcel integration

The basics are clear. MyParcel ensures that you can easily send parcels at a lower amount per item. But what are more reasons to go for the MyParcel integration in ProductFlow? Here are a few.

With MyParcel you can choose multiple carriers. Instabox aswell. Instabox has hundreds of locations in the Netherlands where people can pick up their package. In many cases this makes it possible to deliver the same day!
Digital Stamps
You've probably been there. A small product has been ordered, but the stamps have run out. You no longer run into this problem with MyParcel. You always have digital stamps at your disposal for sending letters and other small packages.
Labels without barcode
You can also easily create unstamped shipping labels with the MyParcel integration in ProductFlow. This gives you a label without a barcode. These can be used, for example, when sending parcels to a freepost number.
Additional shipping options
Of course you can determine per shipment what it must meet. For example, asking for a signature from the recipient, only delivering the package to the customer (not to the neighbors), applying an age check, insuring packages and more.
Track & Trace
Almost every consumer who buys something online looks at the Track & Trace page of his/her order. So make sure it matches the style of your company! With the MyParcel integration in ProductFlow you can design the page yourself.
Pick up packages
It is not necessary to take the packages to the carriers. With MyParcel you can also choose to have the packages picked up at your business location(s).

✔️ Growth is rewarded at MyParcel

The more packages you send via MyParcel, the sharper the shipping rates become. Scaling up does not result in logistical disadvantages in this way, but advantages! Growing is rewarded.

✔️ Only pay when shipping via MyParcel

Registration with MyParcel is free. You only pay costs if you send a package via MyParcel. Every week you will receive an invoice from the week before. You can pay this in advance, automatically or afterwards.

✔️ No adjustments in webshop necessary

Do you already sell products on a webshop and do you want to use MyParcel? Then you don't have to make any adjustments to your webshop. The MyParcel software is always up-to-date and ensures the best possible processing of your orders.

Do you want to integrate MyParcel with ProductFlow?

Do you want to start with MyParcel via the ProductFlow platform? Please contact us via this form and one of our experts will get in touch with you as soon as possible!