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Automate shipments with the Innosend integration in ProductFlow

Automating your shipments is of course interesting for every e-commerce entrepreneur. With extensive practical experience (several successful web shops), Innosend has come to the solution. With Innosend you automatically import all orders from your webshop or marketplaces. From this overview you can then print shipping labels with one click. You configure smart shipping rules in advance so that the orders with property x are shipped with carrier y. Some examples of variables are dimensions, destination and weight of your package. You also benefit from the easy return portal and the competitive shipping rates when you use Innosend. All Innosend tools are fully integrated in the ProductFlow platform. Read more on this page.

Innosend integration

By integrating Innosend into ProductFlow, you combine the advantages of both platforms. In this overview you will find the most important reasons to use the Innosend integration.

Applicable to all marketplaces
Since ProductFlow is a marketplace integrator and PIM system in one, you use the benefits of Innosend without losing an overview. Consider, for example, the multi-carrier system of Innosend. Regardless of where you sell something, the shipping rules set are always applied. So you don't have to set this up manually for all your points of sale, but connect it to all web shops and marketplaces where you sell in one go.
All returns in one place
This also applies to the processing of returns. All returns are clearly presented in the return portal. This way you can work more efficiently when processing recurring products, regardless of which marketplace or webshop they were ordered on.
Simple and fast
Convenience serves people. Especially when scaling up your company (internationally), it is difficult not to let the growth come at the expense of the process. Both ProductFlow (born from practice) and Innosend process this in the functionalities.
Still need some help? Customer satisfaction is paramount at Innosend and ProductFlow. The experts at Innosend are therefore always ready to help you with further optimization of your entire shipping process.

✔️ Multi carrier system

With Innosend it is possible to send your packages with multiple carriers. Shipping rules also automate this process. For example; I want to send parcels larger than 70cm with carrier x. This way you always automatically have the best rate.

✔️ Returns portal

Returns are (unfortunately) part of it. It is important to organize return processes as well as possible. With the Innosend portal you deal with this professionally and increase customer retention.

✔️ Super fast start

Not only the shipments are fast via Innosend. Configuring the integration is also quick and easy. You use the benefits of Innosend and ProductFlow in no time.

Do you want to integrate Innosend with ProductFlow?

Do you want to start with Innosend via the ProductFlow platform? Please contact us via this form and one of our experts will get in touch with you as soon as possible!