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GoedGepickt integration

Save time and money through a well-organized warehouse with the GoedGepickt integration in ProductFlow

Have your orders ready for shipment in as little action as possible? The integration of GoedGepickt makes it possible! You can manage products in your warehouse, stock and orders with great ease in the software. Because the software is always accessible as long as you have internet access, your entire team can understand the simple user interface, no matter what device he/she is using. Inventory management in detail, links with (international) carriers and links with all your sales channels. Everything has been thought of at GoedGepickt. The many functionalities are combined with a very pleasant ease of use and make the software perfect for small to medium-sized companies. The benefits become even more interesting when you combine them with the benefits of ProductFlow. So read more about the GoedGepickt integration on this page.

GoedGepickt integration

Processing orders as quickly as possible is of course very interesting. Yet GoedGepickt has many more useful functionalities and features. In this overview you will find a number of them.

Convert item numbers to barcodes
Sometimes you come across a product that no longer has a barcode. In this case, barcodes can also be easily printed in GoedGepickt by converting a SKU or article number.
Purchase notifications
You can set for which stock you want to receive a notification per product. They will always inform you in advance when your product is going to run out. This prevents undeliverable products and ensures that your popular products continue to sell.
Synchronize stock

If you sell on multiple webshops and/or marketplaces, it is sometimes difficult to keep track of your stock. For example; you sell a parasol on several marketplaces, but only have 1 left in stock. If you then sell it on, the stock of the same parasol on Instagram Shopping must also adjust so that people can no longer order it there. Everything is therefore synchronized from GoedGepickt. In this way, the stock switches neatly across multiple sales channels.

Smart scanning
New freight or returns? When scanning, choose what incoming products are involved. This way you have a good idea of the stock history and you can process the products properly and quickly.
With GoedGepickt's smart software you have all the important things in one place. Thanks to the GoedGepickt application, this software can also be reached anytime and anywhere (with an Android or iOS system). On your smartphone you can read where the products are and you can scan them very quickly with your camera.

✔️ Always and everywhere

Regardless of which device you use, GoedGepickt works easily and quickly via the internet. This way you always have real-time insight and you avoid complicated servers and installations.

✔️ Everything in one place

Stock of your products, orders that are still open from multiple webshops or marketplaces, shipments and more. Everything is easily made transparent in GoedGepickt.

✔️ Automated

You can have shipping labels and packing slips printed automatically from GoedGepickt. This way you prepare a package for shipment as quickly as possible and you avoid delays.

Do you want to integrate GoedGepickt with ProductFlow?

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