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FactuurSturen integration

Make your administration fun and easy with the FactuurSturen integration

Few online sellers are eager to do their administration. Nevertheless, the FactuurSturen integration makes it fun and very easy. Invoices and quotations are created and sent in no time. On average, it takes only 57 seconds to create and send an invoice at FactuurSturen! The invoices are also fully linked to, among other things, SEPA, PayPal and iDeal payment options. Other options include managing your stock and printing packing slips. In short, an absolute must-have for e-commerce sellers. That is why we have fully integrated FactuurSturen into the ProductFlow platform. Read more about the integration on this page.

FactuurSturen integration

When you link FactuurSturen with your ProductFlow environment, you not only benefit from fast invoicing. This integration has many more advantages. In this overview you will find a few.

Scan invoices
With a handy mobile app you can easily scan an invoice or receipt, so that it is immediately included in your administration. No more taking pictures manually, send them in an email and download them to your computer!
Direct debits

Do you sell products in subscription form or with recurring costs? Then Mollie's SEPA direct debit software is useful for you. Collection payments are completely taken off your hands and if a payment fails, it is automatically followed up.

Corporate identity invoices
Make sure all invoices match your corporate identity by using one of the ten templates. Of course you can further edit these templates with color, a background, logo and more.
Register hours
In addition to invoices, you can also easily register your or employees' hours in the FactuurSturen system. You can then quickly process these hours into an invoice in your style.
Packing slips
Of course you want to bother customers as little as possible with e-mails. When sending your invoices, you can also choose to send the packing slip right away.
International sales
Do you sell products or services abroad? Then the settlement of other currencies can sometimes be difficult in the invoicing. This does not apply to FactuurSturen. The settlement is done automatically for you. So you can simply invoice in euros.
Automatic backup
All invoices, receipts and quotations can be automatically stored in your cloud. This way you always have a backup on, for example, Google Drive or Dropbox when your laptop decides to stop working.

✔️ Invoicing in record time

With FactuurSturen you can arrange the financial affairs of your company very quickly. Recurring bills? Then it can be done even faster through periodic invoicing.

✔️ Comprehensive insight

All figures from the invoices are clearly displayed in your FactuurSturen environment. You also have access to insightful reports.

✔️ Inventory Management

You can also easily do product management and stock management via FactuurSturen. This gives you insight into your sales and ensures that your stock is always up to date.

Do you want to integrate FactuurSturen with ProductFlow?

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