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DPD integration

Integrate all the advantages of DPD in the clear ProductFlow platform.

No doubt you have already opened your door for a DPD delivery person. DPD is one of the largest delivery services in Europe. This is partly due to the very good road network. This results in fast deliveries and competitive rates, for both small and large packages. Shipments are insured as standard up to 520 euros per package and emissions for the delivery are always compensated. For example, DPD's services are always CO2 neutral. Ofcourse, DPD's delivery services are fully integrated into the ProductFlow platform. Read more about the integration on this page.

DPD Integratie ProductFlow

DPD integration

By integrating DPD services in the ProductFlow, you get the best of both worlds. Curious about what is possible with this integration? Check it out here.

Bulk printing
With the Wave functionality in the ProductFlow platform, you can print all DPD packing slips and shipping labels at the same time. In the Wave overview you can apply a filter on the left side of the carrier, in this case DPD, and then print all packing slips and shipping labels. This way the delivery person is on their way to your customers in no time!
Process manually
The packing slips and shipping labels are also easy to make/process per piece in the ProductFlow platform. This way you have total control over the shipments.
Send based on requirements
When the size of the package is larger than X, the package must be sent with DPD. This is an example of the Predict service in ProductFlow. In this way you always use the best rate for various variables of parcels to be sent. You can also set in advance for each marketplace or webshop which carrier you want to use.
The many DPD parcel shops make it super easy for your customers to return a parcel. There is simply always a DPD location nearby. DPD's return portal, ''Return My Parcel'' can also provide you with your company's house style. This way you can adjust your photo, add a logo and determine the colors of the package return page.

✔️ Trustworthy

DPD delivers 99 of the 100 parcels within the agreed delivery time. This high percentage naturally benefits the satisfaction of your customers.

✔️ Time slots

It is possible for the recipients of DPD parcels to change the time period on the day of delivery. This way you keep control with the recipient and you prevent unnecessary returns.

✔️ Pick up points

There are more than 70 thousand DPD Pickup Points in Europe. So if it happens that a recipient is not at home, he / she can pick up the package super close.

Do you want to integrate DPD with ProductFlow?

Do you want to start with DPD via the ProductFlow platform? Please contact us via this form and one of our experts will get in touch with you as soon as possible!