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DeliveryMatch integration

Optimize your logistics with the DeliveryMatch integration in ProductFlow

Do you sell products via a webshop or marketplace and do you want complete control over your logistics chain? Then DeliveryMatch is the best choice for you. With the transport management system you can master logistical challenges and you always have reliable delivery options. Various carriers and systems are linked in the system, so you will never miss a thing. With control over your logistics chain, you increase turnover and save on unnecessary costs for order processing and transport. This naturally fits in well with the needs of ProductFlow users and so we have integrated DeliveryMatch into our platform. Read more on this page.

DeliveryMatch integration

What can I do with the DeliveryMatch integration in ProductFlow? We list a number of the functionalities here.

Real-time shipping costs
During the checkout of products in your webshop, DeliveryMatch can automatically include the shipping costs based on variables. For example, when it is calculated that the products in the customer's shopping cart do not fit in one shipping box, the shipping price is immediately adjusted. Of course without the customer seeing this. This way you and your customers will not be faced with any surprises.
Stock in the near future
Potential customers attach great importance to the reliability of your company. They like to know how long it takes to receive a product. With the DeliveryMatch integration in ProductFlow, you can also include stock that arrives within a few days/weeks. This way your visitors can already ''order in advance'' and you won't miss any turnover.
Delivery options
DeliveryMatch also offers many options for the delivery of parcels. Do you also have a physical store in addition to a webshop / marketplace? Then you can also have customers pick up their orders at this address. Visiting the physical store often leads to additional purchases.
KPI analyses
With Key Performance Indicators in the DeliveryMatch dashboard you can make detailed analyzes of your e-business. Where do most customers live? Which shipping parties are most chosen? Are the orders delivered on time? Answers to these questions can be used in both marketing communications and process optimisations.
Apply corporate identity
With the DeliveryMatch link in ProductFlow, you also ensure that all communication regarding shipments and delivery times takes place in the style of your company. This way you create a complete experience from product orientation to receiving the order!

✔️ Brokers and Carriers

DeliveryMatch is linked to almost all available Carriers and Brokers. With this you are not only flexible, but you also give your customers more options. In addition, you can always go for the best rate.

✔️ Ease and overview

Inventory is placed in multiple locations, you use multiple shipping parties and you sell through multiple channels. With DeliveryMatch you maintain ease and efficiency in your logistics system while your company grows.

✔️ Let customers decide

After collecting data, DeliveryMatch calculates the best options in the logistics chain. These options are presented to the customer and based on the choice, this process is initiated. Super fast and easy!

Do you want to integrate DeliveryMatch with ProductFlow?

Do you want to start with DeliveryMatch via the ProductFlow platform? Please contact us via this form and one of our experts will get in touch with you as soon as possible!