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Do you want to sell interior items via fonQ and vtwonen? Good news: thanks to vtwonen by fonQ that is now not only possible, but also very easy via the product flow platform! In addition, with one upload you can also offer the products right away on marketplaces such as HomeDeco, Leen Bakker, and Zalando! In this article you can read everything you need to know.

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The online home store fonQ

What is the best living and web store of 2021? Right, fonQ! This luxury online home store was voted the best webshop in Wonen by the ABN AMRO webshop Awards in 2021. They also received this prize in 2016, 2017 and in 2018. So they won this competition no less than three times in a row! And that has it's reasons.

Why is fonQ so popular with the e-commerce shoppers? That has everything to do with the wide range, the selection aid and of course inspiration. Instead of strolling by the residential boulevard, the modern shopper would rather scroll past countless online living items. This way the shopper gets inspiration for a new couch, while he or she is sitting on his or her current couch. Very handy.

The webshop of vtwonen

Not only fonQ knows this charm; vtwonen has the same magical ingredients. With the style, functionality and comfort of vtwonen you can quickly turn your house into a home. No wonder the two parties are now working together. fonQ has been responsible for the vtwonen webshop since April 2019. That is why this webshop is now called: vtwonen by fonQ.

With large online players such as fonQ and vtwonen, the Home & Living market is becoming increasingly digital. More and more consumers are looking for a suitable interior online. Are you selling furniture, home accessories or something else within this industry? Then online visibility is now indispensable! But how do you get that visibility in this competitive market? This is possible, for example, by offering your products through one or a few marketplaces. Then you also sell through the popular platforms fonQ and vtwonen. Since 2018, you can!

You can also sell on fonQ

From dining room chairs to garden lighting and from coat racks to flower pots: fonQ has it all. Your products therefore also fit into the range, provided that they fall within the given categories of course. These categories are: furniture, home accessories, lighting, garden & balcony, cooking & dining, bed & bath, household, baby & kids, accessories and do-it-yourself items. This is constantly expanding.

And even more fun: fonQ will receive you with open arms. They are continuously looking for beautiful, new brands that fit perfectly with the platform. Becoming a fonQ partner is also very simple. You simply fill in the fonq contact form, after which they will contact you quickly.

Vtwonen by fonQ: this is how it works

Does selling through fonQ do you like something? Then there is a very nice advantage. You may also soon also offer your products via vtwonen! vtwonen is certainly not just a super inspiring magazine. Where the magazine comes out once a month, they inspire online and on TV every day. Around 30,000 housing items are now for sale in the vtwonen shop. That will only be more!

As you may expect, vtwonen is entirely responsible for its own marketing and collection formation. fonQ controls the logistics and organizational processes behind the webshop. Are you already selling at fonQ? Then the two parties determine whether your products will also be placed on vtwonen by fonQ. Quite exciting, right?


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Start selling on vtwonen via ProductFlow

Create a sellers account on vtwonen and discover the speed and convenience of product flow. Place and manage product content and the associated sacrifices in ProductFlow and torque fonQ or vtwonen then easily with the platform.

ProductFlow is the first platform that combines a PIM system with a Marketplace Integrator. So you not only easily offer your products on multiple (international) marketplaces, you also keep all content neat and well -arranged in one place!

Advantages of selling via fonQ and vtwonen

The Home & Living market is great! You can therefore join different marketplaces. Yet there are a number of good reasons not to let fonQ and vtwonen pass you by. Let's discuss a few:



• You beat two birds with one stone!

This is a bit obvious, but that does not make him any less important. Via fonQ you can sell on two beautiful, popular marketplaces by registering only once.

• You benefit from gigantic marketing.

What do you actually know vtwonen from? Everyone has already heard of this brand. Maybe you read the interior magazine, you saw it on TV or shop here often online. And what about fonQ? Both of these companies invest a lot in marketing. As a sales partner you benefit from this, without investing extra in marketing yourself.

• Both companies are large.

Did you know that fonQ has an annual turnover of 95 million? That's not wrong. This success is certainly not only due to strong marketing. Customers receive good quality products and therefore come back. Is your product approved by fonQ? Then the satisfied customer soon knows that your brand is also reliable.

• You do not pay monthly costs and a reasonable committee.

You don't have to leave it at the costs. At fonQ (and therefore at vtwonen) you do not pay monthly subscription costs. That is a bonus! If you do not sell anything, you will not pay anything. You do pay a committee per product sold. But compared to other marketplaces, the percentage that you are divesting is not too bad. The committee is between 6 and 15 percent.


Sell your products on vtwonen or fonQ

Your own brand page and product information
Choice made, contact form sent and ready to sell? Both on and at vtwonen by fonQ you get your own brand page. What are the key words of your brand? What do you stand for? On this page you give an atmosphere and the mission or vision that consumers must read. Customers here also immediately see all the products of your brand.

Not only your brand image is important. What does your products actually say? fonQ offers all customers as standard two -year warranty, free return and free shipping. That is a bonus, but why should customers choose your product? Clearly describe in your product information, but to be honest what you sell. This makes consumers make the right choice easier and you prevent returns.
Product integration at vtwonen and fonQ
Ready to import your products on fonQ? As soon as you are a partner, the organization will clearly explain to you how everything works. You must already pass on your preferences when registering. For example, do you want to join fonQ via our product flow Marketplace Integrator? Then you let us know immediately.

Via our platform you can easily sell your products on fonQ and vtwonen, but also on many other marketplaces. State your product once in ProductFlow and determine which sales channels this product should be offered on. Working from ProductFlow therefore gives you a huge time saving!

Do you prefer to connect "directly"? Then fonQ also accepts file uploads, FTP/HTTP and API plug-ins. Although that is fine, it turns out to be a bit cumbersome in practice. Especially if you have hundreds of products. Is an adjustment needed? Then you have to implement all of them one by one. If you use ProductFlow, it all goes a lot faster!

Easily scale your ecommerce with ProductFlow

Are you interested in selling your products via fonQ and vtwonen? And can you use help with the integration of your products via a Marketplace Integrator? Then contact us for more information about the Marketplace Integrator ProductFlow.

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