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All-in-one solution: ProductFlow is the first platform that combines a Marketplace Integrator with a PIM system, Basic WMS and Repricer.

Koopblok winnen met de ProductFlow Repricer
ProductFlow Repricer

Win the buybox within 10 to 30 minutes and optimize your selling price.

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Marketplace Integrator

Offer your products easily and quickly on multiple marketplaces and/or webshops.

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PIM System

Efficient management of all your content on multiple marketplaces and/or webshops.

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Basic WMS

Overcome logistical challenges as you scale your e-commerce business.

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Sell on MediaMarkt

Content integration
Orders integration
Offers integration

Reach millions of potential customers and shine your brand on one of the largest electronics stores in the world. On this page you will discover how you can scale your e-commerce by selling your products quickly and easily on MediaMarkt using ProductFlow.


The benefits at a glance

Why sell on MediaMarkt?

As the undisputed pioneer in consumer electronics in the Netherlands, MediaMarkt started its journey in Germany in 1979 and immediately proved to be a resounding success: one gigantic electronics store. After opening 10 branches in Germany, the time was ripe for international expansion. Today, MediaMarkt has more than 500 stores in 7 European countries and a thriving webshop where external sellers have been able to offer their products since October 2021.

Offering your products on MediaMarkt's online marketplace offers various advantages. First of all, you benefit from MediaMarkt's enormous customer reach, as it is one of the most visited electronics stores online. In addition, you enjoy the credibility and reliability associated with the MediaMarkt brand, making potential customers more likely to purchase from your products. Furthermore, MediaMarkt regularly offers special promotions and deals, so that your products receive extra attention and sales are stimulated. Finally, MediaMarkt provides various services such as delivery and customer service, improving the overall purchasing experience for your customers.

More than just scaling up to MediaMarkt

With many smart automations you can effortlessly offer your products on various (international) marketplaces and web shops. Then centralize these on one platform with ProductFlow. You can easily manage all your sales channels from one user-friendly platform. It is also possible to integrate with the best e-commerce solutions in the field of warehouse management, purchasing optimization, shipping and administration.

7 European markets
550,000 visitors per weekend
Known to >95% of Dutch people


The conditions at a glance

Start selling via MediaMarkt

To sell your products on MediaMarkt, you must meet some conditions.

Placing items on the platform is free of charge, but there is a fixed monthly fee of 39 euros for entrepreneurs. In addition, a commission is deducted from every sale via the platform. You can cancel monthly if the service does not meet your expectations. However, with a good sales strategy, the chance of successful sales via MediaMarkt is considerable.

Your company is located within the EU
You have commercial and tax registration within the EU.
You have a European bank account number.
You have your own logistics facilities.
You ship from an EU warehouse.
Your products have EAN numbers.
Your product descriptions meet the requirements


The best way to sell your products on MediaMarkt

Are you ready to start your adventure on MediaMarkt but have no idea where to start? ProductFlow offers the perfect solution to boost your sales efforts and expand your reach. Discover how our software can help you with higher sales volume and greater visibility!

Watch the no-obligation demo and let one of our experts tell you everything about our powerful tool. Discover how our software works and what benefits it can offer your company. Selling via MediaMarkt not only becomes easier, but also more fun with ProductFlow by your side.