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Since October 2020 it is possible to offer your products on Leen Bakker. On this page you can read the benefits to do this via ProductFlow.

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Largest Home & Living offer

As a large chain with no less than 170 furniture and interior shops, Leen Bakker can no longer be missing in the street scene. The company has been around for more than 100 years: it was founded in 1918. The Leen Bakker stores are known worldwide not only in the Netherlands, but also in Belgium and in the Netherlands Antilles. Online they even have the largest selection in Home & Living in the Netherlands.

Sell on the Leen Bakker marketplace

You have probably bought something at Leen Bakker yourself. But did you know that you can also sell your interior and furniture items through the Marketplace of Leen Bakker? Leen Bakker started in October 2020 as an online marketplace. When selling via Leen Bakker there are also nice benefits. In this article we will tell you more about this.




Potential buyers


Online turnover

Start selling on Leen Bakker with ProductFlow

By using the ProductFlow platform you can also immediately offer the products you want to sell on Leen Bakker on other marketplaces. You don't have to upload everything again and keep everything neat in one place.

Advantages of business sales on Leen Bakker through ProductFlow

Selling on Leen Bakker is very interesting. Your products are also online in no time via ProductFlow! Read all the benefits here.



Take advantage of brand awareness in the right niche

Many large, well -known marketplaces have a wide range of product. Think of websites such as, Fnac or eBay. That can be nice, but it is a disadvantage if your product category is less successful. Are you looking for e-commerce opportunities for your interior items or furniture? Then a collaboration with Leen Bakker might be more sensible.

Every website visitor who looks at your offer via the Leen Bakker Marketplace is really interested in such products. This not only ensures a positive customer experience, this also raises your turnover.

Selling via Leen Bakker without monthly costs

With many well -known marketplaces you determine a fixed amount per month or per year in addition to committees per product sold. This is not the case with Leen Bakker. In principle you therefore advertise completely for free. If you do not sell anything, you will not pay anything either. If you are going to sell via Leen Bakker, then you have little to lose. Trying is definitely worth it.

A huge reach of more than four million potential buyers

Leen Bakker is not only "known". The Leen Bakker webshop reaches no fewer than four million unique views per month. If you sell through Leen Bakker, a large proportion of these people will probably also come across your product. That is favorable: they are all potential buyers who are specifically looking for items for their interior.

Easy step across the border

Are you interested in expansion across the Dutch border? So via the Leen Bakker Marketplace you not only reach the whole of the Netherlands, but also Belgium and the Caribbean. Because Leen Bakker already owns all connections, investing a lot of time is no longer necessary. That is a lot easier than expanding your company abroad. Even if you did not yet have these ambitions immediately, the range is of course always a bonus.

The Leen Bakker Marketplace is also available via the app

The Netherlands and Belgium are still becoming more mobile and more digital. On the way in the train, people order that beautiful new ottoman or that nice soft rug. For example, they show the Marketplace offer from Leen Bakker to family and friends via their phone.

It is therefore ideal that Leen Bakker simply has a mobile application. This certainly benefits the intended turnover of you as a seller. But not only that: you as a seller can see the Marketplace via the app. If you are going to sell via Leen Bakker, you will always keep a clear overview of your own product range.

Selling on Leen Bakker: How exactly does that work?

Selling via Leen Bakker is the easiest when you already have your own webshop. With the help of ProductFlow you can easily integrate your product range into the platform. Is your offer currently not online? That is not a point either, we are happy to help you further.

Below a few other things that are important to know if you want to start selling via Leen Bakker.

You pay committee per product sold
Offering products is therefore entirely without obligation, but selling products via Leen Bakker is not free. Sold something through the Marketplace? From 2021, Leen Bakker pays the proceeds of your products sold every two weeks. Leen Bakker holds 15 to 17 % of your income per product sold. So you no longer have to make a commission yourself. That saves time!
The Leen Bakker Marketplace works more effectively with a French product description
Because Leen Bakker also operates in Belgium, part of the store and website visitors is French. Not so handy when you only communicate in Dutch. So keep this in mind in your product description. With a good, throbbing French translation you probably also sell more products via Leen Bakker. Certainly with growth ambitions this is a very important point.

Fortunately, ProductFlow can possibly help you in the right way integrating your French -speaking descriptions. Feel free to request the possibilities, or request a demo immediately.
Selling via Leen Bakker goes through your regular process
If you work with the Leen Bakker Marketplace, investment is hardly possible. Leen Bakker arranges all the payment transactions of your products sold. Will an order come in? Then it comes in automatically in ProductFlow. All you have to do is deliver your product to the customer on time.
The marketplace is strongly curated
If you want to sell on Leen Bakker, take it super seriously. It is important that your products fit within the product range. So it's really about interior items and furniture, such as benches, chairs, pillows or flower pots. Leen Bakker tries to stay away from electronic articles. Televisions and the like are therefore not a good idea.

Integrate your own articles on Leen Bakker

Do you want to start selling via Leen Bakker? Good idea! The e-commerce branch of this furniture giant is becoming increasingly important and even forms around 20 % of their total turnover. It is of course special to be able to be part of that.

For example, if you sell furniture, we can imagine that you have a nice product range. How do you get all these products efficiently on the Leen Bakker Marketplace? ProductFlow can help with this. Our Marketplace Integrator is precisely tailored to the specific requirements of this Marketplace. This way we make sales through Leen Bakker a lot easier and moreover more fun.

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