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Sell your products on the fastest growing marketplace in Germany and choose whether you also want to offer the same products on other marketplaces (Cdiscount, eBay, Google Shopping, Facebook and more) via ProductFlow, while maintaining overview and convenience.

Increase your reach in Germany

Looking for a marketplace with a ridiculously wide range? On you will find more than 25 million different products, divided into more than 5,000 categories. Do you also want to increase your reach in Germany? Then the marketplace is definitely worth considering. 

You may be hearing from for the first time today. That's not surprising: you may still know it as or even as Hitmeister. Those are the previous names of this marketplace. Do you want to sell your products via Read below for more information about this attractive marketplace. enables business sales in Germany is impressively active in Germany. Are your ambitions in France, Spain, Italy or just here in the Netherlands or Belgium? Then a collaboration with the marketplace is not a particularly good idea. However, this is the perfect place for a large reach with our eastern neighbors. has more than 32 million unique visitors every month. This makes it even the third largest marketplace in Germany! If you want to sell on, keep in mind the requirement for a German customer service. If your new German customers have any questions, you want to be of good service to them.

Selling via through numerous categories

You can sell your products in every category you can think of via the marketplace. There are ten basic categories:

- Electronics
- Garden & DIY store
- Kitchen & Household
- Baby & Child
- Living
- Fashion accessories
- Cosmetics & Health
- Sports & Outdoor
- Cars & Vehicles
- Foods

Do your products fit within these categories? Then selling via might be the right option for you.


Different products


Product categories


Monthly unique visitors

Start selling on with ProductFlow

You can easily scale up via ProductFlow. The platform was born from practice and makes it possible to offer your products on multiple (international) marketplaces in no time without any technical knowledge.

Uploading your products and offers is super easy and fast, whether you only do it for or for several marketplaces at the same time. Experience it yourself in a no-obligation demo.

Advantages of the marketplace

But why should you choose, instead of or eBay, for example? Like any other marketplace, selling through has some specific advantages. Below we highlight a few.



Take advantage of marketing campaigns regularly offers fun marketing campaigns for sellers. Do you want to take advantage of this? Certainly do! This saves a lot of marketing costs. Customers often take the brand expressions of a lot more seriously than smaller, individual brands. Is your brand name or product in the marketing campaign? Then you immediately benefit from the good name of the marketplace itself.

Improved visibility in Germany

Although this advantage speaks for itself, it is a very important one. The marketplace is so well-known in Germany that there is no doubt about its wider reach. In other words: growth guaranteed! Make sure you sell good products and present them with an attractive description. With the right product information you will quickly become highly visible in Germany.

Continuous contact with the platform not only makes business selling easier; they love it too. Do you not understand something or is there a problem? No point. is available every day with help and support. They are easily accessible and therefore an attractive partner. As a seller at you are not left to your own devices.

Spread your risk via the marketplace

As with many other marketplaces, selling via is an ideal method for risk diversification. This way you are much less dependent one of your other sales channels. Want to keep the risk spread even better under control? Then selling via multiple marketplaces is also interesting. Are you curious how this works? Please contact ProductFlow for more information.

Other things you should know about has more than 1300 physical stores
You may be wondering why Kaufland sounds so familiar? It is possible that you have already seen the physical store in, for example, Kleve, Bocholt, Frankfurt, Munich or Suttard. not only has a gigantic marketplace; they have no fewer than 1,300 physical stores in Germany.

The Kaufland stores are known as well-stocked supermarkets with an extensive range. Besides food, they also sell all kinds of non-food products. This is precisely what makes Kaufland so popular: German residents regularly come here for their daily shopping.
Prices for selling on
Selling via makes your turnover grow quickly. You will have a much wider reach on the German market in no time, without any extra effort for special marketing campaigns. Of course, these benefits are not free. Selling on means you pay a monthly sales fee of €39.95.

For this monthly amount you enter into a sales agreement with the German marketplace giant. Have you actually sold a product? Then a commission is added per product. The marketplace represents about 6.5 to 12.5% of the sales price per product sold. The exact commission percentage depends on the product category.

Start selling now on via ProductFlow

Ready to conquer the German e-commerce market? is an excellent starting point. This marketplace works according to an open listing. In this basis, this means that the products you sell are also under your company name.

Integrating your entire range in the marketplace is more complicated than you think. Fortunately, ProductFlow has years of experience with efficient marketplace integration. Our system also works perfectly when you sell products through multiple Marketplaces and/or webshops.

Are you curious about what we can do for you? One of our specialists will be happy to tell you more about this. Schedule a demo for this directly with a ProductFlow expert.

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