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Selling on one of the largest social platforms in the world is of course already interesting. However, it gets even more interesting when you do this through ProductFlow. When uploading your products, you can also choose to offer your products on other marketplaces such as Kaufland, Cdiscount and The user-friendliness of the platform provides an enormous degree of convenience and efficiency. On this page you can read all the benefits of business selling via Instagram.

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Promote and sell at the same time

Instagram is full of images. The application was released in 2010 and is now popular worldwide, especially among the younger generations. They share countless photos and videos in their timeline or story. But Instagram is also becoming increasingly popular for companies.

Almost half of Instagram users would use the platform on a weekly basis for shopping. Ideal if you can promote your brand and company via this social media platform. For example, you show how your product works, what your brand stands for and what happens behind the scenes.

Easy link to sales

Have Instagram users found your brand by now? Then it is good to know that Instagram also makes business selling possible. Isn't it ideal for you and for your customer if people easily click through to a purchase page, directly from your Instagram account?




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Start selling on Instagram Shopping today with ProductFlow

You can scale up quickly and easily (internationally) with ProductFlow, the first platform that combines the essentials of a PIM system and Marketplace Integrator in a well-organized platform.

Selling on Instagram via ProductFlow: these are the benefits

Instagram is a super unique player among the Marketplaces. Not only do you display your products here, but your brand story is also very unique. In addition, Instagram Shopping also offers a number of unique features, such as 'collections'. Everything on this platform is visual. So you work with themes, striking new items, gifts, seasonal trends and more. But that's not all: there are even more benefits. Check them out below:



Reach the younger generations

As mentioned before, you will find a lot of young people and young adults on Instagram. Much more than on websites such as Marktplaats, Facebook or Many of them scroll through the Instagram platform for hours on a daily basis. Do they see your cool products coming by? Then it is of course ideal if they can buy it directly.

Interact with your buyers

Do you have a lot of active, enthusiastic customers? Nice! With sufficient customer loyalty, you quickly get interaction with your buyers via Instagram Shopping. You get positive and negative feedback on products, but you can also ask customers to tag you in a beautiful photo with the product purchased from you. With enthusiastic buyers, your Instagram store will get a lot of free advertising.

Enough space for product details

Selling on Instagram is based on visual material, but product details are also welcome. If a customer or user clicks on your product, they immediately see the full product catalog with descriptions and prices, but also information about where your product is tagged, for example.

Sell on Instagram with in-app purchases

Instagram Shopping makes making purchases easily accessible. Of course you can still sell through your own website, but you don't have to. Customers can also pay directly via Instagram. That makes the buying threshold smaller and your turnover higher.

Also reach people far beyond the Netherlands

If you want, Instagram Shopping items will be available to all Instagram users. You can set all this up via the ad management. Only the right, potential buyers see your product range. This makes it an ideal method for possibly taking the first steps beyond the border.

Instagram marketplace makes your products stand out

Instagram's algorithm is very clever. For example, are you familiar with the Instagram Shopping tab on the home screen? There, users see all kinds of new people and products that suit them. But it's not just Instagram itself that makes your products visible, you can do that yourself too!

For example, you can make products stand out with product tags. This allows you to link directly from a post or story to an article from your Instagram Shopping catalog. So it is a kind of video commercial that links directly to the sales page with one click. Ideal, right?

This is how you can sell via Instagram

Does Instagram Shopping actually fit your company? Instagram has a clear trading policy. Make sure you check this, so you can be sure that your data meets all the guidelines. You must also have your own website domain. Don't you? Then be sure to contact ProductFlow. We can usually help you set up and upload a webshop system in the Instagram marketplace.

Have you arranged the above and are you ready to start selling on Instagram? Then you have to go through the step-by-step plan. How to set up Instagram Shopping:

1. Set up a business manager account

To start selling on Instagram, you need a business manager account. Setting up a business account is very simple, once you know how it works. The first step is to create a new account. Then click on the 'settings' icon, and navigate to 'account'. Within this menu, click on the option 'Switch to professional account'.

2. Choose a category on the Instagram Marketplace

Ready with step 1? Then choose a business category from where you want to start selling on Instagram Shopping. Think carefully about this category. Instagram users are exposed to the categories that suit them best.

3. Add your store details

On Instagram Shopping you determine almost everything yourself. How do you want customers to complete and pay for purchases? Do you only want a store on Instagram, or do you also want to sell via Facebook? Then you add your products. If you are going to sell via Instagram, adding products is quite simple. You just need to link your existing product catalog.

ProductFlow helps you sell via Instagram and Facebook

Instagram makes business selling very fun and easy. If you sell via Instagram, selling via Facebook is only a small step. This means that the Instagram marketplace is immediately two platforms in one.

But how do you integrate your products into the Instagram Shopping system? Even if you already sell on other marketplaces, ProductFlow can arrange this efficiently. The ProductFlow platform arranges for you, or together with you, that you will soon be able to sell carefree via Instagram and other interesting platforms. Curious how we can help you? Please feel free to contact us.

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