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You can easily and quickly sell on the HomeDeco platform for inspiring interior items with ProductFlow. With 1 upload you can also immediately list products on other marketplaces. Scaling up super fast and easy!

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The webshop for home inspiration

Have you ever heard of HomeDeco? If you are an interior lover, probably yes. You will find endless living inspiration on this beautiful, modern website. It is a very active platform. They now have more than 30,000 inspiration photos online. Ideal if you want to turn your house into a real home.

Even better is that visitors to can also order the newly found dream items directly online. Who knows even with you! HomeDeco has more than 100 third-party sellers with as many as 100,000 different items. Today they are still growing.

Do you want to sell via HomeDeco? If your products fall within the Home & Living market, that is certainly an option. We are happy to tell you more about the advantages and possibilities.

Don't advertise, but inspire

HomeDeco has a unique sales module. They do not offer a simple webshop, but show customers photos of real interiors. They then link products to that. It seems that 75% of online shoppers want to see additional visual content before ordering. How does that yellow chair look next to a brown table, for example? Or what does that cabinet look like in a real interior?

At HomeDeco, customers can really indulge themselves. In principle, the modern atmospheric images speak for themselves. Before you know it, a customer is madly in love with your lamp, alarm clock, wallpaper, storage box or coat rack. All you have to do is describe the product and your brand in the right way. Optimized and complete content is an important condition for realizing orders.

This inspiring mindset of HomeDeco makes the marketplace worth considering. This makes it not only easy to sell products, but also to retain customers for a longer period of time.


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Start selling on HomeDeco with ProductFlow

ProductFlow is the first platform that combines a PIM system with a marketplace integrator. This way you can offer your products on multiple marketplaces at once and keep everything clear in one platform.

Advantages of selling on HomeDeco

In addition to the inspiring content on HomeDeco, a collaboration brings several other advantages. At the time of writing, they received an average of 4.5 stars from visitors via the trustpilot, out of 1,793 reviews! In addition, HomeDeco was nominated to become the website of 2020.

Do you want more reasons to sell your products on HomeDeco? We have listed the 6 advantages for you.



1. They keep developing

HomeDeco does not stand still! They are constantly looking for fun, innovative ways to increase conversion. This way your brand will stand out even better in the future. The website is already very good, but it will probably get even better.

2. Your own personal brand boutique

Visitors to HomeDeco like to be inspired. Through your brand boutique, you propagate your brand's own identity. This is a personal page on which you place your logo and, for example, corporate identity photos. As a result, you not only attract more, but also the right customers.

3. Outsource marketing, technology and payment

As a seller, you prefer to focus all your attention on your brand and product. After all, that's what it's all about! HomeDeco understands that. They are happy to take care of all the less fun, administrative tasks for you. All you have to do is check your account every now and then. The proceeds of your sold products – minus the brokerage costs – are transferred to you around every 15th of the month.

4. Veel, gepassioneerde klanten

Op shoppen echte interieurliefhebbers. Dat zijn er maandelijks meer dan 350.000! Besluit je te verkopen via HomeDeco? Dan worden al deze bezoekers jouw potentiële klanten. Je profiteert van de bekendheid en branding van HomeDeco, zonder hier zelf in te hoeven investeren.

5. Niets verkopen = niets betalen

HomeDeco werkt niet met maandelijkse kosten, in tegenstelling tot sommige andere marketplaces. In plaats daarvan betaal je een bemiddelingsfee van 20%. Dit wordt berekend per verkocht product. Kortom: je loopt dus geen risico! Heb je geen producten verkocht? Dan betaal je dus ook helemaal niets.

6. Veiligheid gegarandeerd

Werk je samen met HomeDeco, dan kan je vertrouwen op hun gespecialiseerde, technische team. Ze garanderen een veilige online-omgeving. HomeDeco vindt het belangrijk dat alle informatie en processen op de website veilig zijn en blijven.

Become a seller on

Do you sell products for the interior? Then it is a good idea to sell them on HomeDeco. Moreover, there are no risks involved. You must first register for this. How does this work?

Register as a seller first
If you want to become a HomeDeco seller, first fill in the registration form. For example, you provide your website, Chamber of Commerce number, company description and bank account number. Do you have customer service? Then HomeDeco would also like some information about this.
Discuss the terms
In the registration form, you also provide a contact person. After registration, this contact person will be contacted by telephone by HomeDeco. All ins and outs are discussed and coordinated by telephone. After that you can get started via the platform!
Set up your brand boutique
Do you have access to the HomeDeco platform? It is wise to set up your brand boutique first. Briefly write something about the 'soul' of your brand and be sure to add your logo. All your products will be listed together on this page. To give the page some extra branding, add atmospheric photos. These images will be placed between your offered products.
Upload your products
After this you are really a HomeDeco seller. All you need to do is upload your products. This can be done manually, for example. It's fun to do, but it takes a lot of time. It is more efficient to import this via an Excel file.

However, this also turns out to be quite error-prone in practice. Also, if you work with Excel, you have to enter any changes manually. The easiest way is to use a link. Everything here is automated and well coordinated. Of course you can also arrange this via ProductFlow. Then you can also import your products at the same time on other marketplaces, such as, vidaXL or FonQ.
Start selling on HomeDeco!
When all your products are online, check the titles, descriptions and all other content. Can the customer find you so well? If yes, the first orders will come in soon. It is up to you to package and ship the products. If something goes wrong, the customer may return your product within 14 days. If the customer is happy with your products, you will receive the proceeds on the 15th of the month. You still pay 20% of this to HomeDeco.

Provide overview and efficiency with ProductFlow

HomeDeco works together with the PIM system and marketplace integrator in one: ProductFlow. With our PIM and marketplace integrator you can easily offer your products not only on HomeDeco, but also on other home & living marketplaces. You keep all content, stock, orders and more in one place with ProductFlow, which is very practical. Experience it yourself in a no-obligation demo.

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