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You can scale up easily using ProductFlow, without losing overview. The uploaded products you want to sell on Google Shopping can immediately be listed on other marketplaces aswell. All this without uploading your products again! Read more about selling on Google Shopping here.

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Google Shopping Center

Imagine: someone searches for your product on Google and lands directly on a sales page. They see your brand, your price and your product. If they want, they order directly. Ideal, right? That's how selling through Google Shopping works. You have probably already seen this Google tab.

Wouldn't it be nice to sell your products through the Google Shopping Center? This way, the customer can easily compare your offers with those of your competitor. The Google Shopping tab works as a product comparator. Would you also like to be among them? Which can!

In fact, showing your products in the Google Shopping tab is completely free! This is due to the (in the Netherlands) fairly recent feature update: Google Shopping Organic results. What exactly does this feature entail? How do you get into Google Shopping organic results? And what are the benefits of that? We, at ProductFlow, are happy to tell you more about this.

What is Google Merchant Center?

Are you already advertising on Google? Then you may have heard of the Google Merchant Center before. Webshop owners upload their product range to Google via this platform. So you can too! Do you want your products to appear in the Google Shopping tab? The first step is to create a Merchant Center account.

While creating this account, you need to fill in a few things. Google would like to know more about your business. For example, what is your website URL, which countries do you deliver to and where are you located? Make sure all your details are correct before verifying your account. By placing a piece of code on the homepage of your own website, you prove that you are actually the owner of your webshop.

Without a website, you cannot create a Merchant Center account in Google. Don't have a webshop? No problem. You can easily start a webshop from ProductFlow. Were you able to create a Google Merchant Center account already? Then read on for the next steps.


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Start selling on Google Shopping with ProductFlow

ProductFlow is the first platform that combines a PIM system with a marketplace integrator. This way you can offer your products on multiple marketplaces at once and keep everything clear in one platform.

Benefits of selling on Google Shopping via ProductFlow

As written in the intro, offering products through Google Shopping increases your chance of new customers. Moreover, it is organic, intuitive and just a nice bonus. What are the other benefits of selling through Google? Below you can read a few:



-        Google Shopping is an international platform. If you want, your reach can extend far beyond national borders. ProductFlow can possibly help you with this. You can easily integrate and translate all your products into different languages via our platform. This way they are not only visible in the Netherlands, but in all European countries!

-        In addition to your products, your website will also be easier to find. Google Shopping greatly increases your visibility. No less than 70% of Dutch people prefer to use Google, compared to other search engines. Most of them even do this several times a day. The step from Google Search to Google Shopping is of course very small. So there is a good chance that these millions of shoppers will also visit your brand.

-        Because of the free options, you can also use the Google Shopping tab when your SEA budget is a bit less. This way you can get the attention of your potential customer without ads. So you certainly don't have to leave it for the money.

-        Organic visibility almost comes naturally when using Google Shopping. Almost, because an effort is still required to ensure that your products can actually be found. Add an image, make your product description accurate and offer your products with complete product information. Spend some extra time on this if necessary. Google's algorithm recognizes errors and imperfections immediately!

-        If you think it couldn't get any better: the clicks to your website are also free. In short: does someone come to your webshop via Google Shopping? Then you don't pay anything extra for that. So there is nothing to lose.

This is how you sell via Google!

So to get started, create a Google Merchant Center account. You can only use this account after double verification. That means: by e-mail and via the homepage of your website. Check, check? Then it's time for the steps below. Only after full integration of your products will you benefit from the benefits of Google Shopping.

Step 1: Create a Google Product Feed
To import your products, you need a product feed. This is actually a sort of assortment or product database. You then upload this database to the Google Merchant Center. How do you create such a product feed? This is possible from ProductFlow.

ProductFlow has a marketplace integrator with a WooCommerce plugin. With this you can easily compose your product feed, after which you upload your products in a few simple steps to Google Shopping, but also to any other marketplaces. To learn more about ProductFlow, schedule a demo.
Step 2: don't forget the product descriptions
Product descriptions are crucial, especially for organic findability. If you use the right keywords, Google will do the rest. But beware: not only the text is important here. Check your prices, add a clear image and make sure there are some honest reviews with your products. Once you've got this in order, the rest will come naturally.

Not only your product description, but also your website itself is important here. For example, consider several product photos and perhaps a description of your brand. Customers come to your website via Google Shopping. That's nice, but if they then leave the site again, this is of little use.
Step 3: Link your product feed to your Merchant Center account
Is your product database ready and perfected? Then you link these, including descriptions and images, directly to the Google Merchant Center. Make sure you combine all the necessary data. Everything ready? Then sync your product range directly from ProductFlow to your own account.
Step 4: take advantage of the Google Shopping benefits
Selling via Google is actually quite simple. All products integrated? Then it is waiting for the first customers. You can easily start your growth via Google's Merchant Center. For example, you keep track of whether your advertisements work and in what way. Do you also want to see your organic results? Then make sure that your SEA specialist adds a UTM in Google Analytics.

UTM stands for Urchin Tracking Module. It is a code that you add to the link of your website. This way you can easily find out the origin of your web traffic or the result of a specific campaign. This also applies to, for example, your Google Shopping ads.

Want to discuss the benefits of selling through Google Shopping for your business?

Do you want more information about selling your products via Google, the Google Shopping Center, the Google Merchant Center, the Google Shopping API connection, or do you want to know how you can easily integrate your products on different marketplaces? Please contact us for more information. We are happy to show you the benefits for your company!

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