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Selling on Facebook creates a huge extra reach and is also very easy via ProductFlow. In addition, when using ProductFlow you can immediately offer the products on other marketplaces (without uploading them again). On this page you will discover the advantages of selling on Facebook.

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Facebook Marketplace

Whether you have a Facebook account or not, we are all familiar with the platform. This large, international website enjoys worldwide fame. The social media giant, with 2.8 billion active users per month, is still often regarded as 'the standard'. Especially since the company also owns Instagram and WhatsApp, for example. Among the many Facebook applications, there is also Facebook Marketplace.

You can buy and sell products from and to other users via the Facebook Marketplace. This can be private, but also business selling. Nowadays it is also possible for entrepreneurs to add an online shopping environment to their company profile.

Thinking about setting up a "Facebook Store" for your business and selling products through Facebook? Then you would like to know where you stand. ProductFlow is happy to provide you with more information about the benefits of selling through the Facebook Marketplace through ProductFlow.

Selling via Facebook interesting for SMEs

Anyone can sell via Facebook: from multinationals to small, local boutiques. So Facebook Marketplace is a way to generate additional income for any company. Nevertheless, we think that selling on Facebook offers a nice boost for SMEs in particular. It is an ideal way to generate online interaction and extra sales.

Didn't have an online store for a long time? Then Facebook Marketplace certainly adds value. Customers easily click through to your own website via this platform. You can therefore also see it as an external link.


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Start selling on Facebook through ProductFlow

Create a sellers account on Facebook and discover the speed of ProductFlow. Born from practice, ProductFlow focuses on scaling your e-commerce business easily and clearly!

Place and manage product content and the associated offers in ProductFlow and then easily integrate Facebook (and/or other marketplaces) with the platform.

Other benefits of selling on Facebook through ProductFlow



In addition to the extra interaction, why do you want to sell via Facebook? There are numerous reasons for this. Not only the reputation of the platform plays a role in this. Below are four reasons to start selling on Facebook right away:

Direct contact with your customer

A marketplace and social media platform in one: that certainly pays off. The customer can immediately view all your recent messages and stories. Do they have a question? Then the step to the chat function is very small. Everyone can also easily find your contact details and company description via the platform.

View all statistics

With many marketplaces you will never find out which advertisements are running well and which are not. It's different with Facebook. You have broad insight into how often each of your products has been viewed, clicked and sold. This way you immediately know what is going well and what is not. You can then adjust your marketing accordingly.

Easily upload many products

Facebook Marketplace has no product limit. Want to upload hundreds of products? Not a problem! Although the platform works quite easily, importing large quantities takes a lot of time. Fortunately, you can also maintain and implement a product catalog. However, this is much faster and easier via the ProductFlow marketplace integration platform.

Featured products visible on your business page

The Facebook Marketplace is incredibly clear. Do you have featured products? Then they are also immediately visible on your profile. Not only for you, but also for your customers. Potential customers can therefore see your most interesting products at a glance.

Use dynamic ads

Only let people see what is of use to them. Dynamic advertisements ensure that products match the interests of the website visitor. Ideal, because that way you have a better chance of selling your products. This also works if your potential customer has not visited your website.

Do you want to show dynamic ads? Then ensure a good feedback process between your product range and Facebook ads. For this you need, among other things, a business manager account. If you can't figure this out yourself, Facebook has a clear step-by-step plan on how to create a dynamic ad.

Selling via Facebook: this is how you start

Setting up your own Facebook store does not take long. Is the icon not visible on your page yet? Then you turn it on first. First click on 'edit page', and then scroll down. At the bottom you can 'add a tab'. If you click on this, you will immediately see the store option. After reading the general terms and conditions, you can start.

Choose a payment method and a currency, and create your store! Make sure you add clear information here about what you sell, but also about your company itself.

Can't find the marketplace option?

Now you may be thinking: why don't I have a marketplace on Facebook? Due to a technical error or account limitation, the option can sometimes disappear completely. There are several reasons for this. You may be in a country where the option is not supported. Even if you are under 18, use Facebook via an iPod, or have just got a new account, the feature will not work.

Finally, Facebook works with a dynamic menu. That means, the features you use most may replace the Facebook Marketplace icon. If this is the case, click on the three lines that refer you to the main menu. There you will still have access to the marketplace. If this also doesn't work try to install the app again.

Ready to sell on Facebook?

Finally, all you need to do is list your products on Facebook to start selling on Facebook. In this overview you can read how to offer products on Facebook and what the guidelines are.

You can offer products on Facebook faster and easier via ProductFlow (see blue section below).

Step 1: click on the button: 'add products'.
You should find these in your own Facebook Marketplace store. Your shop is still empty, but it won't be long. Facebook has also received their own way of product information. So if you want to sell on multiple sales channels, if you don't work with ProductFlow, you continue to perform this action manually for each sales channel. Editing content is also labour-intensive.
Step 2: add your product info.
In order to sell your product, customers need a little more information. The information you add here consists of:
o Product name
o Product description
o Sales price
o One or a few images
o Possibly a video
o Other product information
Step 3: Enter the URL for the payment process.
With your product information, Facebook also asks for a URL. Customers do find and 'buy' your product via Facebook, but the social media platform does not yet have its own payment options. Not in the Netherlands, at least. Therefore, surf to the page where the product is sold on your website. Copy the URL of this page and provide this URL for the checkout process.

You can imagine that this is an extensive and lengthy process for adding a huge product database. ProductFlow has the solution for that. By working with our platform you save a lot of time and therefore money. Moreover, you can start selling via Facebook earlier.
Facebook: Guidelines and Recommendations
Your ads must meet a number of guidelines. First, make sure your product falls into a category. For example, put jackets under 'clothing', dumbells under 'sports equipment', guitars under 'musical instruments' and office chairs under 'office supplies'. There are quite a few options. So there is a good chance that your product will match with one of them.

Furthermore, you must place at least one photo with each product. So this is not an illustration or icon, but a really clear image of the product. That image may not contain texts or watermarks and ideally shows an atmospheric image or a product in front of a white background. Finally, make sure that your product descriptions are legible and do not contain contact details or HTML codes.

Integrate your products for selling on Facebook via Productflow

Do you want to save time? Via ProductFlow you can not only sell via Facebook, but also directly and quickly put your products for sale on other marketplaces. For example via, Google Shopping or fonQ. For Facebook we have integrated most European countries and we even offer translation options. So do you ship abroad? Then ProductFlow is happy to help with rapid scaling up! Contact us for more information.

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