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Reach hundreds of thousands of visitors per day quickly and easily by selling on eBay via ProductFlow. On this page you can read everything you need to know.

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Selling on eBay: Reach repeat customers around the world

We all know eBay. The website was founded in 1995 as a kind of programming experiment in San José. eBay has since grown into one of the largest online trading platforms worldwide. Hence it's so well known. Just about anyone, business or individual, can sell all kinds of stuff on eBay. On the eBay marketplace you will find products from all over the world.

But what if you want to sell business products yourself via eBay? Not a bad idea; eBay is even the most important source of income for about 1500 Dutch families.

When you use ProductFlow to offer products on eBay, you can also choose to offer the products on other marketplaces. Think of the well-known platforms such as Cdiscount, Google Shopping and

Corporate selling on eBay

The eBay marketplace platform is huge. The worldwide sellers reach a broad target group: more than 600,000 unique visitors per day. Especially if you sell on behalf of a company, you have a great chance of increasing your income. Potential customers prefer to buy items from a recognized and reliable company. Do you have such a company? Then selling via eBay is certainly not a bad idea.

Simply register with eBay as a 'company' or 'business seller'. That way you open a business account where you enter a company name. You then build a reputation under your recognizable name. If you do a good job, you will receive positive reviews from customers that others can see again. Do you sell a lot and are you known for fast shipping, good products and excellent service? Then eBay gives you the status 'Top seller'. Because customers trust you more, your sales will increase, but you also pay more to eBay.


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eBay marketplace advantages

The biggest advantage of selling for business on eBay via ProductFlow probably speaks for itself: you can easily and quickly benefit from a well-known online platform from which you can reach the whole world. Below is a brief overview of this benefit and some of the many other benefits of selling through eBay.



Easily expand abroad

Conquering the rest of the world completely independently is not easy. Unfortunately, it is not so easy to send a package far across the border. It is possible, but good connections and international agreements are of great importance. Then you also have to reach the consumer. If you sell via eBay, a large part of these worries disappear. If you sell via eBay, you will mainly gain a large reach within the United States, England, Germany and Australia.

Take advantage of eBay's big name

Selling via eBay is a good idea, especially for newcomers to the market. The e-commerce competition is fierce. Brand new, own webshops quickly become needles in a haystack. If your items are on eBay, that's a completely different story. eBay is already doing very well in search engines like Google. All you need to do is get your product content in order. This way, potential customers find your product easily and quickly.

Hundreds of thousands of visitors per day

There are not many websites that are visited as frequently as eBay. As a seller, you will undoubtedly benefit from this. Even if you operate within a small niche, there is undoubtedly a potential buyer among the eBay visitors. Also for your unique product. In fact, eBay reached 182 million active buyers in 2019!

Super wide product range

The eBay marketplace has no limited categories: so you can always find the right category for your products. Would you like to resell products? Then eBay is the right place for you with diabetic test strips, Apple laptops, game consoles and activity trackers. These products would have the highest sell-through rate. Furthermore, necklaces and pendants, women's clothing, games, DVDs and Blu-ray discs are among the best-selling items.

Start selling on eBay with ProductFlow

Our platform is born from practice and therefore super goal-oriented. In addition, it is the first platform that combines a PIM system with a marketplace integrator. This way you manage everything in one place and you keep an overview (regardless of your amount of products and the number of marketplaces on which you sell).

Getting started with eBay

Selling on eBay is very easy and will probably pay off quickly. Are you not quite sure whether you want to start selling via eBay? There's absolutely no harm in trying; your products on eBay are instantly visible to millions of sellers. You can also do it super easy and fast via ProductFlow!

Step 1: Join eBay and create a business account
Before creating a sales account, sign up with the website. You can buy products from all over the world via your own account! Without eBay, unfortunately you can't sell stuff through eBay. You can create an account here. Would you like a business account? If you have a business and regularly sell large numbers of goods, you can. Then tick 'business account' at the top of the page.
Step 2: Register as an eBay seller
Are you registered as an eBay user? Congratulations! Time for the next step. At the top of your eBay page it should say 'sell'. Here you can easily offer your product for sale.
Step 3: Offer your products
It is wise to look for comparable products in advance. This way you know approximately what your objects are worth. That is important, so that you can work with a competitive price. Then provide a neat, attractive product photo, clear product information and make good use of keywords. In the ProductFlow platform you manage the content of all products and you can distribute it to the Marketplaces where you want to sell this product. eBay is also happy to lend a hand to present your product online in the best possible way. Read the checklist for sellers and the tips for sellers pages of eBay itself.

Integrate your products on eBay via Productflow

Do you want to save time? With ProductFlow you can not only sell via eBay, but also directly and quickly put your products for sale on other marketplaces. For example via, Kaufland or fonQ. We even have translation options on for eBay. So do you ship abroad? Then ProductFlow is happy to help with rapid scaling up! Contact us for more information.

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