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The Decathlon marketplace makes Europe more sporty and your turnover higher. By using ProductFlow, this upscaling does not require any technical knowledge and you keep an overview.

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Reach millions of visitors

More than 800 million people visit the Decathlon website every year. All these unique visitors are spread throughout Europe; a beautiful wide range. This makes Decathlon one of the largest online sports retailers in Europe.

All sports enthusiasts are familiar with Decathlon: it is a large, fast-growing supplier of reliable sports equipment within different price ranges. And what could be better than a brand that makes sport accessible to as many people as possible? Precisely; a Decathlon marketplace that not only offers space for sporty buyers, but also for innovative sellers!

Does your company fit into this picture? Then become a Decathlon partner. This not only entails sales opportunities. Decathlon is happy to help you grow, including tailor-made marketing concepts.

Decathlon makes business sales extra affordable

Do you have a great sporty brand or do you sell different sporting goods? Then the Decathlon marketplace might be of interest to you. Decathlon does not describe itself as a partner at a distance, but one who will come and stand side by side next to you. In other words: they like to grow to the top together. Below we list the most important benefits of selling on Decathlon.

The Decathlon marketplace extends far beyond our borders

Decathlon is originally from France. The sports retail chain was founded in 1976 by Michel Leclercq and over the years expanded to gigantic stores focused on more than 68 different sports. Of the more than 1000 branches worldwide, in 2015, about 304 were in France, 148 in Spain, 109 in Italy, 35 in Germany, 27 in Belgium and 21 in the Netherlands. The Decathlon marketplace enjoys a positive reputation in all these countries, which creates special opportunities for sellers of sports equipment.

The store chain is not limited to the above countries: you will find many Decathlon stores throughout Europe, but also in Africa and Asia. However, the Decathlon marketplace is limited to the affiliated countries in Europe.

Advertise in the largest sports shop window in the Netherlands

Did you know that Decathlon makes business selling a lot more fun when you trade in sports equipment? This is due to the great fame of this large company. Are customers looking for a pair of running shoes, a supboard, tennis racket or a new bathing suit? Then they quickly take a look at the Decathlon website.

By selling through Decathlon, you also gain immediate access to millions of potential customers. This not only ensures a greater reach, but ultimately also a higher turnover. And that without extensive marketing stunts for your company!

Constant investment in innovations

Decathlon pays relatively much attention to its partners. That's why they say; “We grow together”. For example, do you have questions, comments or suggestions for optimization? Then the Decathlon employees are always there for you.

If you are going to sell through Decathlon, you are really entering into a partnership. Employees of the Decathlon marketplace are happy to talk to you. In this way you improve and optimize the results of online sales together.

Customer experience and safety is paramount

The single most important focal point of the Decathlon marketplace? That the customers are satisfied. That is beautiful; because as a seller that is of course always your starting point. You ensure the good quality of the products, Decathlon provides an optimal and safe buying and selling environment. In other words: the payment system is safe and Decathlon continuously improves the customer experience.




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Start selling on Decathlon via ProductFlow

Do you sell beautiful sports equipment and would you like to expand far beyond the Dutch border? Then conquer the rest of Europe now via the Decathlon marketplace. How do you start selling your products through Decathlon? Read the step-by-step plan below or plan a demo in advance.

PS: you can also offer the products that you place on Decathlon directly on other (international) marketplaces via ProductFlow, without extra effort!

The Decathlon step-by-step plan

Learn the steps to start selling on Decathlon through ProductFlow here.

Step 1: Determine together with Decathlon whether a collaboration is wise
Decathlon works on a very personal basis. The first step is to leave your company information and details, after which they will contact you. In the form you indicate, among other things, whether you are a retailer, brand owner or distributor, in which sport categories your articles fall and in which countries you would like to sell via Decathlon.

The Decathlon marketplace will then contact you. You discuss together: is selling on Decathlon something for you? In this conversation you will also have the opportunity to ask specific or extensive questions.
Step 2: go through the onboarding process
Are both you and Decathlon interested in continuing to sell online together? There are some conditions attached to this e-commerce opportunity. For example, you must operate according to the standards of the Decathlon house style. You will learn exactly what this means during the onboarding process. During this process you have contact with one specific employee. You can always contact that person with questions.
Step 3: Start business selling on Decathlon
Then upload and check your attractive sports range. ProductFlow specializes in integrating sports equipment into the algorithm of the Decathlon marketplace. It's not all that simple! This certainly applies if you want to sell via different marketplaces. Interested in more information about the services of ProductFlow? Please feel free to contact us.
Step 4: Process your first order via Decathlon
Have you sold a product through Decathlon for the first time? Congratulations! The processing of the order is now completely up to you. Always ensure that you deliver the products correctly and on time. ProductFlow centralizes all your Decathlon (and all other Marketplace or/and webshop) orders so that you can work in one place. Is a customer not completely satisfied? That can happen. Then you also take care of the return process and customer contact. Decathlon assumes a delivery reliability of 98%.
Step 5: Payment and sales commission
At Decathlon you sell products on the basis of a cooperation agreement. The marketplace pays you your profit twice a month. This profit consists of the sales price of the products sold, minus the commission that you agreed with Decathlon in the agreement.

Integrate your products on Decathlon via Productflow

Do you want to save time? Via ProductFlow you can not only sell via Decathlon, but also directly and quickly put your products for sale on other marketplaces. For example via, Kaufland or fonQ. We even offer translation options for foreign marketplaces. With ProductFlow you can scale up very quickly, without this being at the expense of overview and convenience. We are happy to show it to you in a free demo.

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