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All-in-one solution: ProductFlow is the first platform that combines a Marketplace Integrator with a PIM system, Basic WMS and Repricer.

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ProductFlow Repricer

Win the buybox within 10 to 30 minutes and optimize your selling price.

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Marketplace Integrator

Offer your products easily and quickly on multiple marketplaces and/or webshops.

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PIM System

Efficient management of all your content on multiple marketplaces and/or webshops.

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Basic WMS

Overcome logistical challenges as you scale your e-commerce business.

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Sell on Conrad

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On this page you can read how you can offer your products quickly, easily and efficiently on the marketplaces of Conrad Netherlands and Conrad Germany via ProductFlow. This unlocks new growth opportunities by presenting your products to a broad audience of tech enthusiasts on Conrad.


About the Conrad integration

The history of the Conrad marketplace

Conrad, a leading marketplace for electronics and technology products, has a rich history dating back to its founding in 1923 in Germany. Since then, it has grown into a globally renowned brand offering a wide range of high-quality products ranging from electronic components to tools and gadgets.

In terms of numbers, Conrad has impressive reach and impact. The company serves millions of customers around the world and has an extensive range of more than hundreds of thousands of products. Their online marketplace attracts a large number of visitors, resulting in significant sales figures and a strong competitive position in the electronics and technology market.

Conrad has continuously adapted to evolving consumer needs and invested in innovative technologies and excellent customer service. This has contributed to the success and growth of their marketplace over the years, making it a reliable destination for both professionals and hobbyists looking for high-quality electronics and technology solutions. 

Which products can you sell on Conrad?

Here are the main categories of products you can sell on Conrad through ProductFlow.

  • Active components
  • Automation
  • Computers & Office
  • Development kits & Teaching packages
  • Electromechanics
  • Tools & Workshop
  • Installation Technology & Lighting
  • Cables & Connectors
  • Measuring Technology & Energy
  • Multimedia
  • Passive components
  • Leisure, car & household

The requirements to sell on Conrad

If you want to sell on Conrad DE, it is required to have a German entity (GmbH). Conrad NL requires a Dutch VAT number and a warehouse in the Netherlands. We offer connectivity for both Conrad NL and Conrad DE, for content, orders, offers and shipments.

The cost of selling on Conrad

To sell on the platform, you pay a monthly selling fee of €99, plus a 5% to 15% commission on items sold.

Why sell on Conrad Netherlands and Conrad Germany?

  • Conrad has 2.3 million B2B customers worldwide.
  • Conrad has an extensive logistics area of ​​100,000 m², including a TÜV-certified ESD zone.
  • Both SMBs and multinationals shop on Conrad, offering merchants an opportunity to sell to millions of businesses.
  • As a seller on Conrad you get access to brand pages, newsletters, SEA, retargeting and affiliate marketing.
1923 established
>8M visitors per month
>2,3M potential buyers


The benefits at a glance

Benefits of selling on Conrad through ProductFlow

Discover the power of online selling on Conrad through ProductFlow. As an e-commerce seller, this partnership offers countless benefits that will take your sales strategy to new heights.

Thanks to countless advanced automations, you can effortlessly offer your products on various (international) marketplaces and web shops. With ProductFlow you can centralize all these channels on one convenient platform. This means you can easily manage all your sales channels from one user-friendly interface. Furthermore, it is possible to integrate with leading e-commerce solutions for warehouse management, purchasing optimization, shipping and administration.

Here we list some more advantages.

Reuse content With smart automations in the ProductFlow platform, you can automatically reuse content for different marketplaces and/or web shops. This way you only have to make adjustments once and you can scale up super quickly to new sales channels.
International reach Selling on Conrad through ProductFlow is extremely attractive for e-commerce sellers, especially because of the enormous reach that Conrad offers. With over 8 million visitors per month to their platform, Conrad provides an excellent opportunity for sellers to showcase their products to a large and diverse audience. By participating in the Conrad ecosystem through ProductFlow, you not only significantly increase your visibility, but also your sales opportunities.
Efficient Management

ProductFlow offers sellers the opportunity to manage all their web shops and marketplaces from an advanced and intuitive dashboard. This integrated solution enables sellers to save valuable time and optimize their business processes, while at the same time having control over all their sales channels in one central location.

Reliability ProductFlow offers sellers an advanced and reliable system to work seamlessly with Conrad's platform. With a solid infrastructure, ProductFlow ensures a seamless and secure selling experience, allowing sellers to operate with confidence in the dynamic world of e-commerce.
Flexibility By integrating Conrad's structure within ProductFlow, manual actions are kept to a minimum. This allows sellers to fine-tune their products to Conrad's specific requirements, while optimizing their offering for the platform's target audience. This advanced system gives merchants the flexibility to fine-tune their strategies and effectively position their products within Conrad's extensive ecosystem.

As a progressive e-commerce platform, ProductFlow continues to innovate and improve. New features and capabilities are constantly being introduced to support sellers in maintaining their competitive advantage and success in a dynamic marketplace.


The best way to sell your products on Conrad is with ProductFlow

Would you like to offer your products on Conrad Netherlands and Conrad Germany in no time without the hassle of additional login environments and complicated procedures? With ProductFlow you can easily integrate Conrad marketplaces and manage all your other sales channels, whether they are marketplaces or web shops, from one central platform. This provides overview, convenience and peace of mind. Discover the benefits yourself in a completely no-obligation demo.