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Sell your products on the French e-commerce leader and grow throughout Europe. With ProductFlow you can also choose to offer the same products on, for example,, eBay, Kaufland right away! No technical knowledge is required for all this and the overview is maintained.

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Access to millions of buyers

Technology, household appliances, clothing, care products for children and much more: you can not think of products that are not sold on Cdiscount. This international Cdiscount marketplace is less known in the Netherlands, but gets more than 22 million unique visitors per month!

The French giant was founded in Bordeaux in 1998 and now also operates widely in Germany, Belgium, Italy, Spain and Luxembourg. In addition to these countries, they also ship orders to almost 20 other European countries, including the Netherlands, but also, for example, Sweden, Denmark, Austria, Portugal and Hungary.

Selling on Cdiscount gives companies direct access to as many as 230 million potential, international buyers. Do you have ambitions to grow in France or abroad? Then business selling via the Cdiscount marketplace is probably a good idea. You can read more about this on this page.

Cdiscount: selling business in France

Despite Cdiscount's large, international reach, this e-commerce powerhouse is mainly famous in France. In France it is the second largest marketplace with more than 45 categories. So do you want to start selling via Cdiscount? There is a good chance that your products will also fit within the range.

You can therefore describe Cdiscount as the French alternative to or Marktplaats. This marketplace therefore offers great opportunities for growth ambitions towards Belgium's southern neighbors. However, there are some conditions attached to this. Think of e-mail you receive from French-speaking buyers. It is the intention that these e-mails are also answered in French, although outsourcing is of course also an option.

Everything you need to know

Before we delve into the many benefits of selling via Cdiscount, there are a few things you should know: the terms of sale and buyer and seller numbers, for example.

This is what you can expect

Cdiscount is a giant online department store with more than 9 million active buyers and over 70 million products. The number of sellers is already quite large. They currently have more than 13,000 sellers from 70 different countries. That is of course a lot, but Cdiscount can easily handle it: they have more than 500,000 m² of department stores.

You must meet these conditions

Cdiscount only sells authentic products that have a valid EAN code. These products must of course fit within the categories. Of course, as previously written, you also need to be able to take orders from French-speaking customers.



Shipping to 20 countries


Product categories


International buyers

Start selling on Cdiscount with ProductFlow

Manage everything in one place with ProductFlow's clear platform. Not only is it very easy to use, your products will also be on various (international) marketplaces in no time!

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Selling on Cdiscount via ProductFlow: these are the benefits

Cdiscount makes business sales a lot more interesting. Offering your stuff for sale via such a large marketplace brings several advantages. Below we name a few.



Every month, one in three French households visits the website

The reach of Cdiscount is simply enormous. And again: especially if you want to sell in France, you are in the right place at this marketplace. Trust us when we say it's a challenge to find a household in France who has never heard of the site.

Your products undoubtedly fit within the categories

Some marketplaces mainly operate within a certain niche. This can be extremely beneficial, but as a result, certain products are often left out of the equation. With the Cdiscount marketplace, that will not be a problem. The product range is so large within all the different categories; you are certainly not an odd one out.

Cdiscount is the French leader in large product delivery

Do you sell items that are large or weigh more than 30 kg? Cdiscount is certainly not limited to letterbox packages. On the contrary! It is no problem at all to join Cdiscount with extremely heavy products. So there is a greater chance of a flawless delivery. Also with, for example, a large interior piece.

The largest network of French pick-up points

Did you know that pick-up points are especially popular in France? It is also logical: it is very handy if you can easily pick up a package locally when it suits you. Provided there is a local pick-up point, of course. If you sell via Cdiscount, you are guaranteed. They even have the largest network of pick-up points in all of France.

They have no less than 2 million members

Cdiscount has a loyalty program: Cdiscount à Volonté (CDAV). This is a membership that allows buyers to get various benefits. So these loyal customers keep coming back to the marketplace. Ideal when they can also find your product there!

Cdiscount Fulfillment service

At Cdiscount it is possible to outsource the entire fulfilment: including all storage and delivery. Why would you choose this? A 2019 study showed that the purchase volume of products covered by the Cdiscount Fulfillment service is increasing by as much as 80%.

Start selling on Cdiscount via ProductFlow

Do you want to save time?

In addition to offering your products on multiple marketplaces, you can also have your content translated very quickly and easily in ProductFlow. The platform was born from practice and stands in one sign; Grow your e-commerce business (internationally) while maintaining ease and overview. Contact us for more information or request a free demo.

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