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All-in-one solution: ProductFlow is the first platform that combines a Marketplace Integrator with a PIM system, Basic WMS and Repricer.

Koopblok winnen met de ProductFlow Repricer
ProductFlow Repricer

Win the buybox within 10 to 30 minutes and optimize your selling price.

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Marketplace Integrator

Offer your products easily and quickly on multiple marketplaces and/or webshops.

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PIM System

Efficient management of all your content on multiple marketplaces and/or webshops.

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Basic WMS

Overcome logistical challenges as you scale your e-commerce business.

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Sell on bol

Content integration
Orders integration
Offers integration

Via ProductFlow you can easily offer your products on bol and you have direct access to 11 million Dutch and Belgian customers.

bol gold partner ProductFlow wit



About the marketplace

About bol

Why would you sell via bol? We all know the platform. It is even the largest online retail platform in the Benelux. The webshop wins numerous awards every year. They are the best retail brand, the best webshop and the most popular store in the Netherlands. With more than 20 product categories, it is not surprising that business sales via bol are popular with more than 37,000 local entrepreneurs. We all know the website, but what is bol really? What are the advantages of selling via bol?

Business selling has only been possible since 2011
Most Dutch and Belgians are familiar with bol. Of course that was not always the case. Selling yourself on bol was also not possible in the past. In 1999, only 8 employees started Europe's first online bookstore from a portacabin in a parking lot in Vianen.

In recent decades it has grown into a gigantic marketplace that not only offers books, but also electronics, home and garden items and accessories: the current bol. Millions of Dutch and Belgians now shop via the webshop. Since 2007, private individuals can offer second-hand items via bol. It was not until 2011 that business sales via bol were made possible.

Your company online on the map
Today, bol has a huge choice in assortment and delivery options. The fast-growing network has more than 11 million customers and around 2000 Dutch and Belgian employees. Business sales via bol are now done by more than 37,000 local entrepreneurs. Many of these companies derive a large portion of their profits from their product sales through this platform. Because bol is already a strong online brand, as an entrepreneur you get immediate online visibility, even if you don't have a webshop yet.

More than 8 million customers
+45M monthly visitors
About 20,000 sellers


Few reasons not to do it

Benefits of selling products via bol with ProductFlow

Everyone knows Billie: the plump, blue little man we've all seen in TV commercials.

When people buy your stuff via bol, it feels just as familiar to them as the advertising. Selling business products via bol therefore entails countless advantages. It is also super easy via ProductFlow.

Put your business on the map online

Ambitions for growth or a wider reach? By selling broadly on bol you effectively work on your brand awareness, turnover and expansion. In this way you make effective use of the image that bol has built up over the past few years by simply using your own assets and selling articles.

Direct access to 11 million customers in Belgium and the Netherlands

Bol is definitely the right place for a larger reach! With 11 million customers spread throughout the Netherlands and Belgium, you have direct access to many potential buyers. All you have to do is present and describe your products in an attractive way. The selling can begin!

Support and service in your own language

Selling on bol is not very difficult, but dealing with a new platform can of course raise questions. Besides the fact that ProductFlow can help you with this, bol also offers self support and service in your own language. That is of course different at other large, international marketplaces.

High level of customer satisfaction

This also applies to your customers! bol has very good conditions for buyers (and sellers). The platform receives a positive assessment from the consumer association, which ensures that you too probably have satisfied customers. The most important thing is that you also continue to meet the conditions and keep your promises to customers.

Sell your products on other marketplaces directly

Via ProductFlow you only have to upload your products once and you can immediately choose to also offer your products on other marketplaces. Super easy to scale up, without double work!



Win the buybox on bol!

The first place in bol is also called the buying block. To win these you need to have the best resale values against competing providers. Thanks to the unique algorithm of the ProductFlow Repricer you automatically win the buying block within 10-30 minutes. Simply enter the minimum and maximum sales price of your product and we will do the rest! Read more information here.


That's how you get started

Activate account to sell via bol

Before you decide whether business selling via bol is something for you, it pays to check your assortment. Do your articles match the existing product groups? These are the current categories: Books, Music, Movie/Games, Computer/Electronics, Toys/Hobby, Clothing, Shoes/Accessories, Sports, Outdoor/Travel, Office/School, Beverages/Deli, Living, Cooking/Household, Animal, Garden/DIY and Car/Motorcycle. Each product category has an assortment policy. Does your product range meet the conditions of bol? Then you can follow these steps to start selling on bol!

Read the bol service standards

Both you and bol want to live up to the expectations of the parties. In order to do this properly, it is wise to read the service standards in advance. They provide information about delivery conditions, returns, reviews and customer satisfaction, among other things.

Create a profile

Have you decided to take this e-commerce leap? Then you can immediately become an official partner of bol. Register yourself or log in with your buyer account and fill in the details of your company.

Check your contact details

Make sure your company email, address and other contact details are correct. This way you can be sure that nothing can go wrong! Bol may want to contact partners like you by telephone if this is really necessary. If everything is correct, it's time to start selling via bol!

Start selling!

Account verified? Then the selling can begin! Contact us via the chat function (bottom right), by sending an email to or by calling +31 (0)85 3012 283. We will then set up a ProductFlow for you so that you can quickly and easily offer your products on bol.


The best way to sell your products on bol

Ready to start selling? Congratulations on your new sales account! Now it is important to start offering your assortment online. The more product information, the better you can be found. Especially when you use the available product filters. Still, adding and editing the products is often a nice job when you do this manually in the marketplaces. With ProductFlow you can avoid this and have your products (completely) online as soon as possible!

The more items you have for sale, the more complicated it all becomes. ProductFlow can help you with that. ProductFlow offers a PIM system and marketplace integrator with which you can easily manage all your orders, offers and content from different marketplaces (so not only bol, but also fnac, fonQ and many others) within one system. This way you can better keep an overview, without technical knowledge. Curious what this can mean for you?