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In this article you can read more about the refurbished marketplace Back Market and the benefits of business selling on Back Market via ProductFlow.

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Sell used products

Sometimes you don't want to offer new products at all via marketplaces, but products that have already been used. Then selling via Back Market is a good idea. Back Market is a refurbished marketplace for second-hand tech products.

Back Market was inspired by the megaton of electronic waste. Because why do we have so much e-waste, while many devices can still pass for the second round? Let your customers review their technical consumption too! Start selling refurbished products through Back Market today.

Back Market makes you a real activist

Do you already sell refurbished electronics? Very good! Then Back Market can optimize your sales. But even if you sell new electronics, selling through Back Market might be a good idea. Refurbish old customer items or give returned items a second life.

By selling through Back Market, you actively contribute to reducing e-waste. Moreover, you make new customers happy with a beautifully refurbished product. So you are not selling discarded second-hand products, but electronics that can really last for years to come with a new user.


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Start selling on Back Market today via ProductFlow

ProductFlow makes it easy for you to start selling business on Back Market. To get started, create an account and discover the speed and ease of use of ProductFlow. When uploading your products, you can also choose to offer the products on multiple marketplaces (such as, Cdiscount and eBay). Experience it for yourself in a free demo!

Selling on Back Market via ProductFlow? Here are the benefits!

But why would you sell on Back Market? This platform offers a lot of extra advantages compared to selling refurbished electronics through your own webshop.



Back Market is the market leader in the field of refurbished electronics

Refurbished products can be sold through all kinds of sites. Not only via your own website, but also via a number of other marketplaces. Still, selling via Back Market is quite self-evident in this industry. The company was only started in 2014, but is already the absolute market leader within the refurbished industry.

With a monthly trading volume of 75 million euros, a turnover that increases by 140% annually and 12 million monthly visitors from 9 different countries, Back Market is now huge. And this impressive growth continues today. Selling via Back Market therefore works a lot more effectively than via your own, less well-known webshop.

More visible ads

Many marketplaces flood visitors with advertisements. That seems useful when you are looking for something, but your ad will never be fully noticed. The Back Market marketplace works in a different way: they give every product the visibility it deserves. For example, one product reference equals one advertisement.

Excellent Marketing Campaigns

You may have already seen some nice Back Market branding on TV or in the metro station. Back Market invests intensively in various online and offline marketing campaigns. Do you sell through Back Market? Then these campaigns also indirectly lead customers to your products. And you don't have to do anything extra for that!

Selling via Back Market maximizes your margins

Back Market assures you of fair competition. That is to say: you do not compete on the basis of price alone via this marketplace. Do you have a high quality score on Back Market? Then the price of your product is on average about 7.4% higher. They also make it easier for customers to find you.

Selling in different countries via Back Market

At Back Market you only need one platform to sell through different countries! They are not only located in the Netherlands, but also in France, Belgium, Spain, Germany, Italy, Austria and the United Kingdom. In total, they sell about 250,000 products per month in these countries. If you are going to sell on Back Market, your products will soon be included!

Do you not have a solution for international shipments yourself? Business selling via Back Market also helps with this. You can easily use their exclusive DHL-Express rates and deliver your products throughout Europe within 24 hours.

Back Market is not only a marketplace, but also an aftersales service and fulfillment center

Sometimes you need help handling aftersales or you don't have a fulfillment center yourself. Then you have come to the right place at Back Market. They have an in-house service for aftersales communication in all languages. Handy if you don't speak Spanish, German, Italian or French. In addition, you can easily send your products to the Back Market fulfillment center. They will then forward your product directly to the customer.

Selling via Back Market gives convenient business insights

How much is your product really worth on the market? What is the actual quality of your refurbished product? And what is there a high demand for, but little supply from the competitor? Back Market gives sellers all kinds of useful business insights. This makes it easier to respond to all kinds of sales opportunities.

Start selling on Back Market

Do you want to start selling via Back Market? Good idea! Then you must in any case be a registered company. You also have to sell refurbished electronic products. Other types of products, such as new gadgets, are not welcome via this platform. You must also offer at least 12 months warranty on your products.

Become a member of That way you can easily create an account and start selling.


Selling on Back Market via ProductFlow

If you are already a customer of ours, selling via Back Market is even easier. Our PIM system contains a handy marketplace integrator. Here you can not only sell your refurbished products via Back Market, but also directly on other marketplaces!

But please note: not all marketplaces allow refurbished products. This makes online sales a bit more difficult. That is why engaging an expert when selling refurbished electronics through marketplaces is a good idea. Please feel free to contact us if you want advice about this or if you want to outsource the entire process.

Back Market makes business selling even more fun

The Back Market marketplace offers you unique opportunities for selling your refurbished products. But that's not the only thing: selling via Back Market increases the chance of selling immediately. And you don't have to do much for that.

With the help of our ProductFlow software you can effortlessly integrate your entire range in various marketplaces such as Back Market, but also for example, eBay, Homedeco, Google Shopping and Kaufland. Of course we are happy to look at which marketplaces your (refurbished) products are or are not suitable for.

Selling on Back Market via ProductFlow? Request a demo!

What could be more convenient than all your product information and content in one central platform? Selling through many different marketplaces pays off, but also takes a lot of time. The organization is confusing and you often have to repeat various actions for an endless number of products. A shame, because that is not necessary! Now you can also add Back Market to your sales platforms with a little help from ProductFlow.

During a non-binding demo, a ProductFlow expert will show you how our platform works. This way you will immediately find out whether our solution suits your company. Do you have any important questions about our solution? Then they will of course also be answered during the demo.

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