Arts and Crafts Trading - ProductFlow Repricer

Substantial increase in turnover with the ProductFlow Repricer and JoostKnowsIT

For creative toys and craft products, Arts & Crafts Trading is the right place for you! With a very diverse range of, among other things, educational games to painting articles, this beautiful company has been successful in the B2B market for a long time. Arts & Crafts Trading now also sells directly to consumers via marketplaces such as, Amazon and Blokker. With the ProductFlow Repricer and e-commerce optimization of JoostKnowsIT, they have grown considerably in the field of B2C sales. Read more on this page.

  • 400 products on marketplaces
  • Turnover increase of 44% compared to 2021
  • Net margin up 13%
  • Pricing 99.8% optimized
  • Automatically win the buy box
  • Efficiency greatly improved

Automatic repricing and price optimization

Since Arts & Crafts Trading is not the only supplier of this range, there is competition. In the past, all buy boxes were manually checked several times a day. If the buy box was lost, the lowest price was manually entered. ProductFlow's Repricer automatically grabs the buy box. This does not always require a lower price than the competition. Taking the buy box at a higher price obviously gives a considerable improvement to the margin.

  • Time saving 1 to 2 hours a day
  • Automatically win the buy box, more orders
  • Optimal price, higher margin

Automatic LVB switch

Arts & Crafts Trading uses both LVB (Logistics via BOL) and VVB (shipping via BOL). When a product in Bol's warehouses is sold out, it is automatically converted to its own stock. As soon as new LVB stock is increased by BOL, ProductFlow switches this product back to LVB. In the past, this was a time-consuming job that was done manually several times a day.

  • Time saving 1 to 2 hours a day
  • Products always in stock, more orders

Use your potential

Do you also want to win the buying block with the ProductFlow Repricer? Or do you want to offer your products quickly and easily on multiple (international) marketplaces? Get in touch and one of our experts will help you!