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Millions of visitors per month compare their products on the website of Nowadays it is also possible to offer your own products on this popular marketplace. You can do this very easily and quickly via ProductFlow. Read more in this article.

Webshop and price comparator in one

If you love online shopping, then you probably also know the largest online shopping center in Belgium and the Netherlands. Over the past 15 years, has grown into a popular web store and price comparator in one. Originally, the platform was just a price comparator.

Are you thinking about selling on

That's certainly not a bad idea. The platform has no less than 4 million unique visitors per month! Many of these potential buyers are still here looking for affordable, reliable products. It is therefore a missed opportunity if your products are not listed. But why would you choose, instead of another marketplace? And how do you start selling on

Reach millions of customers in the Netherlands and Belgium

What makes extra fun is that you not only reach people in the Netherlands, but also in Belgium. So you can cheaply advertise your products under a well-known name beyond our southern border. And that without using extensive marketing yourself.

Let take care of the marketing

Because arranges all marketing for you, you will probably reach different customers than you expect. This increases your reach without having to put in a lot of extra effort. Moreover, the marketplace also benefits if your products sell well. marketplace does not bring unexpected costs

At many marketplaces, you pay a monthly fee to advertise, even if it doesn't yield anything for you. They don't do that at There is no monthly selling fee at all: advertising is completely free.

If you are going to sell products via, you only pay a commission per product sold. Fortunately, this commission is also on the low side. You pay the marketplace only 1% to a maximum of 15% of the sales price of each product sold. If you don't sell anything, it won't cost you. This makes selling on extra affordable and also without risks.




Annual operating result


Different shops

Start business selling on today with ProductFlow

ProductFlow makes it easy for you to start doing business on To get started, create an account and discover the speed and ease of use of ProductFlow. When uploading your products, you can also choose to offer the products on multiple marketplaces (such as, Amazon and eBay) at once. Experience it for yourself in a free demo!

What requirements do I have to meet to sell on makes business selling a lot easier, but it is not entirely without obligation. If you want to sell via, you must meet a number of quality requirements. And that's a good thing; this way the platform always remains of high quality. Most of the marketplace's requirements are super obvious, but you have to pay attention to them. View the most important conditions below.



Your webshop has been around for at least one year

Are you a novice seller? Then you may have to wait a little longer before selling via This marketplace only allows companies that have had a webshop for at least one year. This way they can keep out any beginner mistakes within their platform.

Your webshop does not have a negative image

Have you already had a webshop for some time, but the search engines are full of complaints about your company? prefers not to work with you. Do you think your negative image is unjustified? Then ensure a positive customer experience and repair your image before you start selling via

You have formulated clear terms and conditions

It is of course logical that your webshop must always comply with the law. However, things often go wrong with the general terms and conditions. Are they clearly formulated? Then there is nothing wrong, and is happy to work with you!

You have an easily accessible customer service

Selling on certainly does not mean that you hand over the entire process. If a customer has a complaint, it will still knock on your door. Because you trade from the name of the marketplace, they want you to be easily accessible. Fortunately, this is only a small effort for everything you get in return.

Selling on with the ''shopping cart'' account

Are you already familiar with the marketplace? Then you might want to know what a 'shopping cart account' entails. As mentioned earlier, was previously only a price comparison site. Companies linked their own web shops to the website and paid an amount for every time a customer clicked through via A 'cost per click' model.

Because is now a marketplace, the focus has shifted somewhat to a 'cost per sale'. In this way, works with a 'shopping cart account', so that customers can order products directly via This means that customers no longer end up on your own webshop.

Sign up at the marketplace

Do you want to advertise or sell via Then you choose the CPC, CPS or CSS campaign. In this case, CPC stands for 'cost per click'. Although you do load your assortment on the marketplace, customers buy the products via your own website. You only pay € 0.06 to € 0.35 per click.

Do you want to receive more orders with little maintenance? Then you should choose CPS, which we wrote about earlier on this page. This campaign therefore stands for 'cost per sale', or a shopping cart account. The online marketing team of is continuously looking for new buyers for your products.

But what is that third campaign? CSS stands for "comparison shopping service". In fact, that is the original function of the comparison site. Is the marketplace your CSS partner? Then you can start a CPC account with a 20% discount and you can also advertise 20% cheaper at Google Shopping. With this campaign you receive a percentage of the proceeds or profit of a joint campaign.

Campaign chosen? Register your webshop!

You can register your company using the form on this website. Before you can sell on, the marketplace estimates the potential of your future campaign. Will you continue together? Nice prospect? supports all partners in a very personal way. They will contact you as soon as possible. Then you decide together how they can best connect your shop.

You can easily offer products on with ProductFlow

ProductFlow can completely unburden you, especially with regard to the listing of your entire product range on the marketplace. Do you already sell on other marketplaces? If desired, we synchronize all of these with each other. This way you don't have to continuously make small adjustments. That saves a lot of time! Curious about what exactly we can do for you? Feel free to contact us.

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